Forever (FULL ISSUE)

In the not too distant future, a group of scientists discover the means to slow and, in some cases, reverse the aging process. They founded the biotech company Longevity and shortly thereafter changed the world. Twenty years later Longevity is the largest corporation in the world with gross revenues that dwarf many countries economies.

Ryan Stone was near death at age 7 when the miracle of Longevity saved his life as one of the company's first patients. Now in his late 20's, Ryan works for the company that extended his life. Handsome, idealistic, he's in many ways one of the public success stories of Longevity. He loves his job and genuinely feels like he is making a difference and bettering the world. His story quickly turns a dark corner when Caine, one of the Longevity founders, confronts him and reveals the grim truths behind their fountain of youth. Ryan does not believe him and despite continuing his good work cannot purge from his mind what he's been told. Investigating on his own Ryan discovers that Caine speaks the truth.

Longevity is stealing life from those less fortunate and giving it to those with means... the ultimate perversion of the already unfair distribution of wealth.

Ryan joins Caine on a crusade to bring down Longevity. Twists abound as Ryan becomes the ultimate double agent working against the company that saved his own life while trying to maintain his position within the organization that gives him access. He also learns that Caine's motivation is not what he thought.

Can two men make a difference against a global organization that employs 12 million people around the world and owns more real estate than the Vatican?

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