"Forever Evil" - DC Comics' Bad Guys Take Over in September

Bringing an end to much speculation, DC Comics confirmed this morning that September will be "villains month," led by the launch of "Forever Evil," a seven-issue miniseries by "Justice League of America" collaborators Geoff Johns and David Finch.

USA Today reports the series, whose first issue boasts a 3-D motion variant cover, spins out of the events of "Trinity War," with the Justice League seemingly out of commission, which leaves the villains of the DC Universe free to take control. As rumored, each of the New 52 series will change titles for that month and shift focus to antagonists like Darkseid, Bizarro, Gorilla Grodd, Two-Face and Poison Ivy.

"'Forever Evil' is a chance for David and I to work on all the greatest villains in comic books," Johns tells the newspaper. "It's literally everybody. I don't even know if there's anybody not in it. We're really exploring what darkness means and the different kinds of darkness that are within these villains."

The plotlines of "Forever Evil" will snake throughout DC's superhero line, and lead to the October launch of three five-issue tie-in series: "Forever Evil: Rogues," by Brian Buccellato ("The Flash") and Patrick Zircher ("Suicide Squad"), focusing on the Flash's Rogues; "Forever Evil: Arkham War," by Peter Tomasi ("Green Lantern Corps") and Scot Eaton ("X-Men"), described by Johns as "the biggest story with Bat-villains you've ever seen"; and "Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S.," written by Matt Kindt, which follows Steve Trevor as he uncovers the shadowy dealings of the government agency.

In addition, Kindt, who has been writing a Martian Manhunter co-feature in "Justice League of America," will take the reins of the series for five issues, turning the spotlight on that character.

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