Ford hopes to make a car with its own Batpod

Soon you may not have to be a billionaire vigilante to cruise around in a car with its own Batpod. Well, Batpod-like auxiliary vehicle.

Patent Yogi reports Ford has filed a patent application for a car that can separate into a one-wheeled bike, a la Batman's ride from The Dark Knight, albeit without all the weaponry and pageantry. You'll need a Hollywood effects team for that.

Ford's plans call for the body of the self-propelled unicycle (the seat, handlebars, battery, etc.) to be stored in the trunk of the car. But when needed -- say, to pursue The Joker, or to grab a bite to eat without losing your parking space -- the unicycle can be easily mounted to the back wheel of the car, and off you go.

The vehicle would come with an automatic jack system, making it easy to raise the car and remove the tire. It's not as seamless as the features on Batman's Tumbler, but then again, Ford doesn't have Lucius Fox on its payroll.

(via Gizmodo)

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