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The Dank Side Of The Force: 17 Hilarious The Force Awakens & The Last Jedi Memes

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The Dank Side Of The Force: 17 Hilarious The Force Awakens & The Last Jedi Memes

There are probably no fans out there as passionate as Star Wars fans. And with good reason. Star Wars: A New Hope revolutionized the blockbuster film industry. There had never been such a gigantic sci-fi film before with so much potential for new material before. Over the years, more films were made; new trilogies that attempted to capture the magic of the original one. There have also been countless novels that have delved into Star Wars lore, focusing on characters that were only mentioned in passing in the films. We even got a slew of video games based on the series, and some of them are quite fantastic RPGs and shooters. Since the rights to Star Wars have been sold to Disney, a bunch of new film projects have been in the works, including the trilogy that follows the Skywalker saga years after the original trilogy.

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While the first film in that trilogy Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out in 2015, its sequel The Last Jedi  will hit theaters in December. Fans are extremely excited about that prospect, so buzz is really high right now. That also means that there are a lot of memes being generated about the movie. Let’s look at 17 of the best.



“When 900 years you reach, look this good, you will not.” That’s what Yoda says to Luke in Return of the Jedi when Luke visits him on Dagobah before his death. When you get that old, no matter how strong the Force is, you’ll probably want to hit the snooze button a little more often than when you were younger. At that age, it’s a miracle that he was still completely with it, even though his speech pattern has been pretty bizarre for at least the last 100 years of his life.

In any case, we don’t blame Yoda for wanting to sleep in a little more. His mind must be racing all the time from trying to defeat the dark side in the never-ending battle of good versus evil all the while trying to train Jedi.



When the title of the sequel to The Force Awakens was first revealed, people assumed that it referred to one Jedi and started speculating who that Jedi was. Is the title referring to Luke? Or perhaps Rey is the final Jedi and the final hope? Or maybe it would be a plot twist and Kylo Ren would be the last Jedi. As it turns out, fans completely forgot about the fact that Jedi is the same word in its plural form, which means that there can be many last Jedi.

We love the use of Hayden Christensen in this meme, because so many absolutely hated him as Anakin Skywalker in the prequel trilogy (although a lot of that had to do with the corny writing but his acting didn’t exactly save him either) and his expression coupled with the mathematical formulas superimposed make this meme pure gold.



With each trilogy of Star Wars movies, the films follow the same pattern. There will always be a fight between the forces of darkness and the forces of light. You will always have a group of inexperienced good guys trying to fight seemingly unbeatable odds, and you always have a Jedi, a pilot and a hot one in the mix to round out the crew of heroes.

But who would have thought that Hayden Christensen played all three of those roles in the prequel trilogy. That seems like a challenging task considering the poor, melodramatic script he had to work with and his limited acting range which alternated between deadpan, whining and yelling. In all fairness, he did a really good job portraying the hot one because he was actually on fire.



Luke Skywalker has a good point here. Although there is a lot of speculation about what he means by this in the trailer for The Last Jedi, we doubt he meant the end of Star Wars movies in general. Disney would not let that happen, that’s for sure. In any case, he might be right.

How many times are they going to do the same story and call it a sequel when it’s really a reboot? We also agree that it’s time to end The Simpsons and The Walking Dead. There are probably a lot of other different franchises that need to end too, but we don’t even know where to begin. Actually we do. Let’s start with the Fast and Furious franchise. Enough is enough.



Although J.J. Abrams didn’t include Jar Jar Binks in The Force Awakens, maybe Jar Jar has had a hand behind the scenes all this time and will reappear in The Last Jedi. If you look closely at this poster, his grinning face appears in the bottom right corner of the image on the same side as Kylo Ren. Perhaps that means that the fan theory established by “Lumpawarroo” on Reddit which stipulated that Jar Jar has been working for the dark side all this time unbeknownst to of the Jedi for all these years.

As horrible as this sounds, he might be right. He may not have been an overt villain in the prequels, but he certainly was a villain for the audience who had to sit through his dumb luck of someone surviving huge battles despite his clumsiness.



People get so hyped about the prospects of a new Star Wars movie that it can never come soon enough. They would be desperate enough to go into hibernation if it meant that the new movie would come sooner for them even if it means that they would be wasting months or even years of their life sleeping just so that they can see it as quickly as possible.

But what if the new film turns out to be terrible? That’s exactly what people had to come to terms with when the prequel trilogy came out. They spent years waiting and hoping that the films would be masterpieces but when they turned out to be far worse than they had ever imagined, a lot of fans must have been crushed. Let’s hope that The Last Jedi makes the long wait worth it.



This is a really ridiculous, yet equally hilarious meme that makes light of arguable the most intense moment in The Force Awakens. It is when Kylo Ren sees his father after many years and expresses how he has been feeling torn apart by his feelings and his legacy. Will he follow in the footsteps of his grandfather and become a leader of the dark side or will he see the light and help take down the First Order?

Given all the bizarre names in the Star Wars universe, it is not surprising that Han Solo would think that his son gave himself a name as strange as Being Torn Apart. But if he actually believed that, we suppose that he kind of deserved being brutally murdered. He’s clearly a bad father for neglecting his son’s feelings entirely.



Obi-Wan Kenobi is famous for using his Jedi mind tricks on weak-minded stormtroopers. Rey also seems to be pretty good at doing it herself. But who would have thought that Obi Wan’s ability to use the force for his Jedi mind tricks was so powerful that the effect could last 3 decades. However there’s a flip side to this theory.

Perhaps Finn is so weak-minded that the mind trick was far more effective on him than anyone else. In any case, Finn hasn’t aged a day in 30 years which is quite remarkable. If he was that stormtrooper that Obi Wan tricked all those years ago, we want to know the secrets of his beauty routine. Luke Skywalker certainly doesn’t look that young after so long.



In The Force Awakens, it is revealed that Luke Skywalker, much like Obi-Wan Kenobi, went into hiding after his apprentice abandoned the Jedi Order and joined the dark side of the force. His apprentice, Kylo Ren, then decided to become one of the Knights of Ren under the apprenticeship of Supreme Leader Snoke, the leader of the First Order.

Although this is all revealed in the movie, perhaps there is another reason why Luke went into exile. Maybe he didn’t intentionally do this and people assumed he did because of what happened with Kylo Ren. What if he was just playing hide and seek, but nobody bothered to find him? That certainly makes him a hide and seek champion in our books. We doubt anyone else has lasted that long.



There are so many novels based on the Star Wars universe that depict the future and past of different characters in the original trilogy that it is hard to keep track of it all. There is probably a book that tells the story of countless minor characters that you can’t even remember from the films because they were only briefly mentioned in passing and the reference was only caught by the most attentive of fans.

In any case, this meme about Rey and Han Solo’s first encounter prove that all those stories don’t matter anymore. That’s right. All the work that went into all those novels mean absolutely nothing to the new trilogy because it was decided that they are all non-canon and don’t count within the film universe.



As much as people hated the prequel trilogy, there was no character they hated more than Jar Jar Binks. He was originally supposed to be the comic relief in The Phantom Menace, but he ended up providing some of the worst scenes in the franchise’s long history. In fact, he has appeared on many lists of the worst film characters of all time. It is hard to believe that George Lucas, who created such compelling characters as Yoda, Obi-Wan and Darth Vader also created Jar Jar.

Luckily, the backlash from fans, his role was reduced to a cameo in Revenge of the Sith. We are sure that everyone was thrilled that he didn’t make an appearance in The Force Awakens but we are also not surprised that the creative team decided to stay away from Jar Jar.



A lot has been said in The Force Awakens about Rey’s incredible driving skills. In fact, Rey even impressed Han Solo with her knowledge of the inner workings of the  Millennium Falcon. It also goes without saying that the creative team behind the Star Wars concept art which includes the look of the various costumes, planets, buildings and ships featured in the movies is incredibly creative and revolutionized the way we think about what is possible in science fiction and fantasy in movies.

However, this particular flying vehicle that Rey drives in the film is pretty awful looking. As a concept artist, if you intentionally want a sci-fi vehicle to look like something else, pick something cool, not a USB memory stick. Even a fork would have been cooler.



As one would expect, with the hype of a new Star Wars movie comes the fans eagerly awaiting the very first teaser trailer. Fans spend hours upon speculating about what the new film will be about before they have even seen any footage. And then when the first trailer finally does come out, that’s all they want to see is the trailer.

Over and over again until the movie finally comes out. They will rewatch the same footage, trying to extract any hidden information they could find, any hidden subtext they might have missed the first 10 viewings. And of course, that also means everyone else’s feed will be flooded with Star Wars news and links to the new trailer. Not that that’s a problem.



There is nothing quite as disappointing as when you grow up and you realize that your father wasn’t the hero you wished he would be. Take Ben Solo for example. His father was off fighting wars and protecting the galaxy and didn’t have time to play with poor little Ben, but at least Ben understood that his father was a hero.

Of course after Han became too old to fight wars, he decided to work at a calendar factory but he didn’t seem to take his job very seriously and took a few days off (or maybe he was never fighting any ways because his son didn’t even know he had this new job). Whether he actually took the days off the calendar or just took a long-needed vacation, we will never know. Either way his terrible joke led to his demise.



We imagine that a lot of fans when pretty crazy after the big twists featured in the latest trailer for The Last Jedi. Does this mean Rey has abandoned the Jedi way and might seek the dark side for solace? If she turns even, what does that mean for the third film in the trilogy? What is Snoke’s role in all this? Will Kylo Ren murder his mother too? What will be Luke’s fate in all this? Does he want to actually destroy the Jedi?

There are so many implications in the trailers and so many questions left unanswered that it can become infuriating for fans who just want to know what will happen to Luke and Rey. This meme might be exaggerating how much people are analyzing the trailer, but maybe it’s not that far off from the truth.



There has been a lot of fan speculation regarding Rey’s parentage. Is she somehow related to Obi Wan Kenobi? Perhaps she is his granddaughter. Or maybe she is Luke’s daughter. We might find out in The Last Jedi who her parents are but in all honesty, we hope that she isn’t related to the Skywalker or Kenobi families. It would be nice if they stray from the characters in the previous films and present new characters instead.

But wouldn’t it be great if the film stopped halfway through its runtime in the middle of a huge spaceship battle for them to do a paternity test on Maury to determine whether or not he is her father. Actually, that’s a horrible idea. It’s better that it remains a meme.



We loved this dramatic scene between Luke Skywalker and Rey at the end of The Force Awakens, but we always imagined what the two said to each other after the screen faded to black. Luke lost that lightsaber long ago, so we imagine that he has a lot of questions regarding how Rey was able to obtain it. But chances are that the most pressing question on his mind would involve his hand, because Luke lost that lightsaber when Darth Vader cut his hand off at the end of The Empire Strikes Back.

So it makes perfect sense that Luke would ask Rey, “There was a hand to… Did you bring the hand?” with an intense look in his eye. We suppose we’ll find out in a few months when the sequel comes out.

Which of these memes is the funniest? Let us know in the comments!

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