For Visitors to New York for NYCC

Everyone's favorite comic book store owner, Alex, wrote a fun guide to Manhattan that I think would be useful for folks visiting New York from out of state for the New York Comic Con.


Let's break it on down...

UPPER MANHATTAN WEST:Lincoln Center, Columbia, some nice movie theaters, and lots of rich people. The most horrible thing is all the extremely rich children yelling at their parents.

UPPER MANHATTAN EAST:More rich people, and lots of yuppies. Lots and lots of guys from Omaha or Atlanta who moved here to work in finance for a few years and build a resume. The bars are filthy with these gel-haired chiefs in starched shirts (and their female counterparts in heels, jeans and little tops).

MIDTOWN: All the tourist stuff. Lots of tourists.

GRAMERCY/UNION SQUARE: Some pretty good restaraunts, and some okay bars. A mix of rich locals, bridge-and-tunnel people, and students.

WEST VILLAGE: Good restaraunts, shitty bars (unless you're gay, or a lame college kid.) There is some cool shopping, but it is mostly choked with college kids, aging gay dudes, and finance girls out for a "crazy" night.

EAST VILLAGE: Good restaraunts, a few fun bars, and some good shopping. It is often choked with gle-haired chiefs "slumming" away from the Upper East Side, but a good time can still be had if you find the right bar on the right night. I lived here for years, so as lame as it can be, I still feel at home when I'm among the weird mix of gutter-punks, trust-fund "punks", and yupppies in alphabet city.

TRIBECA: A few really good restaraunts. Otherwise, nothing going on.

LOWER EAST SIDE: Some okay shopping, but mostly totally overrun with lame hipsters with greasy hair and tight pants. The bars are so crammed you can't get a drink, and everyone is pretending to be junkie. Achtung.

SOHO: Pretty good shopping, although chain stores are swallowing everything. But between the AMERICAN EAGLES and GAPs you can still find some cool boutiques and coffee shops and stuff. This is the best chance to see really attractive people.

CHINATOWN: Smells bad. And is really crowded.

LOWER MANHATTAN/BATTERY PARK: Not much going on here. The best thing to do is check out the actual Battery Park parkway. It's really nice, but for the most part, this is a ghost town.

There ya go. Ready to print...

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