For thirsty Survey Corps members, there's 'Attack on Titan' wine

After a long day defending high-flying battles against flesh-eating giants, there's nothing like retreating behind enormous walls and relaxing with a glass (heck, a bottle) of plum wine -- Attack on Titan-themed wine.

Following up on a story we'd somehow missed a couple of weeks back, RocketNews24 reports there are limited-edition sets of plum wine (and plum juice) inspired by Hajime Isayama's hit fantasy manga and anime. What's more, the beverages originate in the artist's hometown of Oyama, Japan, using plums grown by members of his family.

Oyama company Hibiki no Sato is producing the limited-edition bottles, whose labels feature art from the hit manga and anime. (And, as the website points out, this actually isn't the first Attack on Titan-inspired wine.) Unfortunately for U.S. fans, the store only accepts orders from within Japan.

RocketNews24 notes that tiny Oyama, which merged in 2003 with a handful of other towns and villages to form Hita, is proud of their native son, who's just 28 years old: The town has also issued stamps and held exhibitions related to Attack on Titan.

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