For the supervillain who has everything: a gold skull armchair

Just last week we spotlighted that sleek, speedy concept car that would be perfect for a certain billionaire vigilante, so it's only fair that we consider the supervillain with big dreams, an even bigger budget and questionable taste.

To that end, may we present the gold skull armchair from Harow. You may call it a throne, if you prefer (of course you do).

Featuring an internal steel frame and a structure of reinforced fiberglass, this limited-edition handmade armchair is coated in 24-karat gold and upholstered in black velvet. Sure, it's priced at a hefty $500,000, but just close your eyes for a moment. Picture the armchair in a place of prominence in the Hall of Doom, perhaps in a spacious room with an enviable view of Slaughter Swamp.

See? Yeah? Totally worth it.

(via Hi Consumption)

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