Food or Comics | The cover-price edition

I've been folding much of the economics-related content into our daily "Comics A.M." features, but recently there's been a decent amount of discussion about cover prices, which I've rounded up here:

• Writing for PW Comics Week, Chris Murphy looks at how DC Comics and Dynamite Entertainment have turned to discounted promotional issues to try to appeal to readers.

• Johanna Draper Carlson tries to figure out the thinking behind Tokyopop's formula, which ranges from the new $10.99 price point for standard-format manga to $14.99 for yaoi titles.

• Carlson also notices that Viz Media has standardized prices for its Shonen Jump and Shojo Beat imprints. Previously, the Shonen Jump titles were $7.99 while the Shojo Beat books were $8.99. Beginning in the fall, titles from both imprints will be $9.99.

• In response to a reader's question Absolute Death, writer Neil Gaiman admits he was surprised to see its $99.99 price tag, and explains some of the reasons behind it: "I'm a bit surprised -- I'd been told that it was going to be retailing for about $75, which with an Amazon discount would put it solidly into the area you suggest. But I also know there are a bunch of extra expenses that have turned up on this book, including having to reletter the whole of Death: The High Cost of Living, which weren't originally planned or budgeted for."

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