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• Heidi MacDonald reports that Rob Simpson, a senior editor in charge of Dark Horse's prose line, has been laid off.

• John Jakala notices that Tokyopop has raised its standard cover price from $9.99 to $10.99: "I'm assuming the price increase won't be accompanied by any additions to the manga volumes, like better paper stock or color inserts. It would be interesting if Tokyopop followed a page from DC's recent playbook and offset the price increase with backup features. Like DC, Tokyopop could use the price increase as an opportunity to publish fan favorites that don't sell well enough to justify individual publication. It'd be especially interesting if Tokyopop used such backups to complete the many OEL series stuck in publishing limbo."

• Hundreds of specialty shops unite for a day to promote a once-popular hobby now kept afloat by a dwindling audience of die-hard collectors: vinyl records. April 18 is Record Store Day.

This article points out the distinction between comic-book collectors and comic-book investors. The "news," I suppose, is that there still are investors.

• Todd Allen looks at how web/digital comics make money.

• Amazon.com customers are boycotting digital books that cost more than $9.99.

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