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• I'm not sure when it happened, but when I wasn't looking Saturday passes sold out for Comic-Con International. Four-day passes went the way of the dodo in mid-March; Friday passes are at 60 percent.

• Calvin Reid talks with Asylum Press Publisher Frank Forte about his efforts to sell Fearless Dawn #1 directly to retailers after failing to meet Diamond Comic Distributors' order minimum: "Some stores love the 60% discount and are willing to deal direct. But to be effective in self-distribution you have to be tenacious. You are dealing with a lot of walls. Stores don't want to deal with an extra invoice for 10 copies of a $2.95 comic."

• The Bookseller reports that U.K. comics anthology The DFC, which mailed its final issue last week, could return in some form next year -- thanks, in large part, to the growing sales of graphic novels.

• John Jackson Miller provides a brief overview of the "Dawn of the Diamond-Exclusive Era" of comics in the mid-1990s.

• Bookslut profiles Gabe Fowler of the year-old Desert Island in Brooklyn, N.Y., dwelling a bit on the economy: "I basically opened at the worst possible time, at the beginning of the so-called recession, so if I can survive now that's probably a good sign."

• Sean Kleefeld considers how to market comics in the 21st century.

• Alexander Hoffman offers tips on expanding your manga collection in lean economic times. (via Dirk Deppey)

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