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• Despite an earlier erroneous report elsewhere, Diamond Comic Distributors will carry Rick Geary's A Treasury of XXth Century Murder: Famous Players: The Mysterious Death of William Desmond Taylor, available in June from NBM Publishing. However, previous volumes of Geary's won't be available through Previews.

• Fantagraphics has struck a deal to distribute Esther Pearl Watson's Unlovable in 10 Urban Outfitters locations.

• Todd Allen continues his "direct-market apocalypse" scenario with a look at how graphic novels would fare.

• Percy Carey has some sharp words for comics publishers: "I thought about all of the comic book publishers who would rather go out of business than make some money. I’m not one to disrespect a few who decide to remain micropreneurs, but it feels like 90% of comic book publishers are afraid to allow their companies to grow, and refuse to think outside of their industry."

• The Daily Planet apparently is doing okay, even as its real-world counterparts go under. "Clark is on sabbatical," says DC Comics Executive Editor Dan DiDio. "Lois is picking up the slack we're happy to say. More importantly, as of right now, they're making a very good transition into the online business. But they still feel that newspapers are very healthy following Final Crisis. After Final Crisis, it showed that newsprint is still an essential form of communication."

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