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• ICv2.com takes note of IDW Publishing's rise in March to the No. 4 publisher in the direct market in terms of dollars and No. 3 in terms of units.

• Dark Horse has followed up on last fall's announcement of its participation in Diamond's "Final Order Cutoff" program beginning April 20.

The publisher's FOC dates will allow retailers to adjust orders on comics up to 20 days before their release, and on graphic novels up to about three months before.

"We are pleased to announce this move to the FOC,” Dark Horse President Mike Richardson said in a press release. “As every comics retailer knows, times are tough. It is important that Dark Horse not only support them with great product, but with our best efforts to make their ordering decisions as easy as possible. This system will help every retailer who orders Dark Horse product and should lead to better business for all of us."

• Retailer Christopher Butcher has more thoughts on the problems with The New York Times' Graphic Book Best Seller List.

• The Chicago Tribune looks at how the recession is driving people to sell their collections -- toys, records, comics, etc. -- for very little money. Shane Wallace of Graham Crackers Comics in Lincoln Park undoubtedly crushes the hopes of several collectors when he says, "We usually offer 5 to 10 cents an issue" for comics from the 1980s and '90s.

• Casey Seiler of the Times-Union in Albany, New York, discovered at Albany Comic-Con that his big box of comics was worth just $80.

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