Food or Comics | DC Comics and Diamond make cuts

• As was noted on CBR's front page, Heidi MacDonald reports that DC Comics has laid off well-respected Senior Editor Bob Schreck, Subscriptions Manager Christine Sawicki, and several staff members at MAD magazine.

The layoffs are part of massive cutbacks by parent company Warner Bros. Entertainment that will result in the elimination of some 800 jobs worldwide. Until word of the layoffs trickled out today, it had been unclear whether DC Comics would be part of the belt-tightening.

Schreck is an industry veteran who worked at Comico and Dark Horse before co-founding Oni Press with Joe Nozemack in 1997. At DC, Schreck oversaw the Batman line, and later the successful All-Star books.

• According to Newsrama, DC Comics' MAD magazine will move to a quarterly schedule in April, and will cease publication of MAD Kids and MAD Classics.

• Heidi MacDonald also reports that Diamond Comic Distributors laid off 13 employees on Thursday, including the managing editor and designer for the recently canceled Diamond Dialog magazine. A wage reduction for management and staff also was announced.

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