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• Editorial cartoonists David Horsey and Jeff Stahler turn to Superman and the Daily Planet to comment on the plight of the newspaper industry. (via Michael Cavna)

This post at The Daily Cartoonist about the annual convention of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists is pretty straightforward. But the comments section almost immediately erupts into an argument between online cartoonists and print cartoonists regarding the "webcomic model," the future of the industry, who's making more money and ... I'm not sure what else. Or, in the words of Nerf: "This is like watching a fight break out at the Nerd Table in the junior high cafeteria!"

Participants include Wiley Miller, Scott Kurtz, Mike Krahulik, Kris Straub, Rich Stevens and Ted Rall.

• Alan Gardner also reports that editorial cartoonist Gary Brookins was among the 90 or so staff members cut by the Times-Dispatch in Richmond, Virginia.

• Despite the recession, Scholastic Book fairs are still going strong. The Associated Press reports school book fairs brought in $261.2 million for the company for the nine months ending Feb. 28 -- virtually unchanged from the previous nine months.

• BBC News reports that online traffic in Sweden fell by 33 percent after the country enacted a law that allows copyright holders to force Internet service providers to reveal the IP addresses of users sharing files. The popular BitTorrent sharing and tracking site The Pirate Bay is located in Sweden.

• According to statistics cited by the New York Post, 101 print magazines folded in the first quarter of the year, while just 95 launched.

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