Food or Comics | A roundup of money-related news [Updated]

• ICv2.com's reckoning of Diamond's January figures prove John Jackson Miller correct: Amazing Spider-Man #583, with its multiple printings, sold an estimated 352,953 copies. That makes the issue the "bestselling full-price periodical comic book since ICv2 began tracking sales through Diamond Comic Distributors in 2001."

The retail-oriented news and analysis site points out that "it appears likely" that the majority of sales came not from the initial printing but from subsequent printings.

Now for the bad news: Despite the performance of ASM, periodical comics still declined 9 percent versus January 2008. Sales of the Top 100 graphic novels were up 4 percent.

• Dirk Deppey catches that collection agency Creditors Trade Association filed a $373,000 lawsuit in December against Gemstone Publishing, Diamond Comic Distributors and Steve Geppi. Without access to the courts database, there's no way to determine the basis for the lawsuit.

UPDATE: Heidi MacDonald unearths the details. According to court documents, Gemstone owes the money to print broker Global Interprint.

• Viz Media spokeswoman speaks briefly to MangaBlog about Diamond's decision to drop nearly 1,000 of the company's titles from its backlist. She confirms the series have not been discontinued, and that they are available through several book distributors.

• At Digital Strips, Ka-Blam/ComicsMonkey partner Barry Gregory talks candidly about his company's recently announced print-on-demand distribution service.

• IDW Publishing has partnered with Eagle One Media to offer downloadable PDF versions of some of its comics for $2 each.

• Some of Will Eisner's works, including A Contract With God, are available on iPhone.

• Citing decreasing enrollment because of the recession, Nancy co-cartoonist Guy Gilchrest has announced he's closing his private art school, Gilchrist’s Cartoonist’s Academy.

• PW Comics Week surveys a handful of retailers about the effects of the worsening economy on their stores.

• Strange Tales in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, England, has grown so much in the past two years that it had to move two weeks ago to a much larger location.

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