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• Fox Interactive Media has laid off 5 percent of its staff at MySpace, FoxSports.com, IGN  and PhotoBucket. Heidi MacDonald confirms the MySpace cuts include marketing manager Sam Humphries, who headed up the comic-book content.

In the comments section, Dark Horse Senior Managing Editor Scott Allie says the online anthology MySpace Dark Horse Presents, a partnership between the publisher and the social-networking site, will continue.

• As Chris Mautner noted yesterday, Sammy Harkham has canceled his Drawn and Quarterly series Crickets after just two issues. The reason? The new Diamond threshold.

• Blogger Johanna Draper Carlson points out that Tokyopop has canceled solicitations for 16 titles.

• Writing for Portland, Ore.'s Willamette Week, Brandon Seifert checks in with local publishers to see how the new Diamond policy will affect them.

Washington City Paper rounds up cartoonist reactions to Village Voice Media suspending syndicated comics in its 15 alternative weeklies.

• New York's new sales-tax law initially seemed like good news to small retailers who have to compete online with Amazon's deep discounts. But Pop Syndicate's Chris Williams worries that silver lining has a dark cloud.

• At Digital Strips, Brigid Alverson writes that in the wake of the new Diamond threshold, "there’s no doubt that webcomics and other electronic media are suddenly looking better and better": "It’s not surprising that the [Diamond] system is collapsing; what’s surprising is that it ever worked to begin with. It worked in part because it catered to a very narrow but very dedicated group of fans and because before the internet was invented, there were no alternatives."

• Could the iPhone be the distribution solution, or at least a solution, for the small press? Newsarama takes a look.

• At Fleen, Gary Tyrrell eyes the success of Monty Python's Flying Circus on YouTube, and sees it as "another example of the rewards possible when you provide compelling & quality content."

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