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PW Comics Week and Brigid Alverson provide overviews of last weekend's New York Comic Con, which, as others have mentioned, showed few signs of the economic woes so apparent everywhere else. I liked Brigid's opening paragraph, in particular: "If the theme of NYCC was 'Recession? What Recession?' then the subtitle was 'webcomics are the new floppies.' Digital distribution of comics is clearly going to be a hot topic in 2009."

As expected, Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe was one of the top sellers of the convention. PW Comics Week notes that Oni Press sold 600 copies during the weekend, and the few vendors who got their hands on copies quickly sold out.

• At GalleyCat, Ron Hogan reports on the NYCC panel on selling good books in a bad economy.

John Jackson Miller considers the allure of the collectible market even as digital publishing picks up steam.

• At ComiPress, Chloe Ferguson ponders what effects the global recession could have on the American market for Japanese comics. (via Brigid Alverson)

• Whenever someone on a message board longs for a return to newsstand distribution, point out that magazine sales fell 11 percent in 2008. Also, wholesaler Anderson News has "suspended normal business activity."

This io9.com article about the digital distributor UClick -- "UClick For IPhone Will Make Comic Books Obsolete" -- oversells things a bit, but it's good to see that much enthusiasm for alternate-distribution platforms.

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