Food or Comics | A roundup of money-related news

• For an article about how big-business executives have again become the moustache-twirling villains of American culture, The Associated Press turns to DC Comics Executive Editor Dan DiDio: "We can dress folks up in crazy costumes and give them crazy powers, but when you see someone who has the ability to work above the law, above the government, and create their own set of rules, that resonates. Because people have a level of frustration with that."

• It looks as if cartoonist Tom Meyer was among those staff members at the San Francisco Chronicle who opted for a buyout over a possible layoff. (via The Daily Cartoonist)

• Eric Reynolds' praise for Roger Langridge and The Muppet Show #1 dovetails into a screed against the evils of variant covers: "... I'd like to think that a company smart enough to hire a talented cartoonist like Roger Langridge and publish a very solid comic is also conscious enough to not want to engage in the kind of confidence schemes that almost ruined the industry in the 1990s and continues to paint comics in the eyes of some as more Bernie Madoff than Art Spiegelman."

• John Jackson Miller explains what the monthly Diamond sales charts don't tell us.

• John Jakala offers more money-saving tips for buying graphic novels.

• I love that this new business in Craig, Colorado a.) is called "Pinky's Palace"; and b.) "offers a comic book section, band paraphernalia, patches, hair dye, belts, gifts and much more."

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