Food or Comics | A roundup of money-related news

• Johanna Draper Carlson compiles 2008 circulation figures for Archie Comics, which help to explain why Sabrina the Teenage Witch was canceled.

• Tomorrow is the deadline set by the Hearst Corporation to find a buyer for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer or close the 145-year-old newspaper -- the print version, in any case. But Michael Cavna learns the paper's Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist David Horsey is in a more secure position than the rest of the staff: His contract is with Hearst and not the Post-Intelligencer, so he'll continue to provide cartoons for the chain.

• Timothy Callahan wonders why, considering the drop-off in order numbers between the first and second issues, more comics companies don't publish weekly miniseries.

• With less than five days until the end of the auction, the top bid for that unrestored copy of Action Comics #1 is $277,300.

• Tim Broderick ponders the future of comics and asks, "Will people make a living as a cartoonist in the future?"

• The Everett, Wash., Herald sees an increased interest in comics among teen-agers.

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