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• DC Comics announced yesterday it will increase the cover prices of some of its comics from $2.99 to $3.99, but will add more pages and "co-features" to those titles.

In June, Teen Titans and Booster Gold will gain back-up stories starring Ravager and Blue Beetle, respectively. It already was revealed at New York Comic Con that the new Doom Patrol series will feature a Metal Men back-up series.

If this scenario -- higher prices accompanied by the addition of back-up features -- seems a little familiar, blogger Johanna Draper Carlson notes that's because it sort of happened at DC before, in the mid- to late '70s: As part of its "DC Explosion," the publisher increased page counts from 17 to 25 and cover prices from 35 cents to 50 cents.

(Of course there was more to the ill-fated "Explosion": DC also launched 57 new titles in just four years, most of which didn't survive the mass cancellation that became known as the "DC Implosion." Blame the Blizzard of '78 and a publisher pinning its hopes on Superman: The Movie.)

Reaction online to the announcement has been largely positive, as many readers had been girding themselves for a price increase (without additional content) for a while now. On the DC Message Boards, response seems a bit more divided, with fans of Jaime Reyes-Blue Beetle -- whose solo title was recently canceled -- in one camp, and readers of Booster Gold in the other.

But blogger Kirk Warren wonders whether Booster Gold and Teen Titans "didn't just get a death sentence handed to them."

• Daryl Cagle begins compiling a list of editorial cartoonists who have lost their jobs in the past year.

• Peter Cuneo, Marvel's vice chairman, tells investors he hopes the company soon will become the No. 2 licensor of intellectual property, behind Walt Disney.

• Fed up with intrusive and oddly placed ads, blogger David Welsh swears off monthly comics.

• Blogger Ryan Day argues that ordering comics online has its drawbacks.

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