Food or Comics | A roundup of money-related news

• Gary Tyrrell passes along word from cartoonist Box Brown that Xeric Grant winners supposedly won't be subject to Diamond Comic Distributors' new minimum-order policy.

• DJ's Comics in Wallingford, Conn., may be going out of business. Owner Michael Cote, who's about $18,000 behind on rent, blames the economy and rent increases.

• The Washington Post is cutting five strips from its comic pages: Judge Parker, Little Dog Lost, Piranha Club, Pooch Cafe and Zippy the Pinhead. They'll continue to appear on the newspaper's website. In addition, Dilbert will move to the business pages. (via Alan Gardner)

• Tokyopop is searching for an editor. (via Deb Aoki)

• "Trade waiter" Matt Ampersand runs down the various collection formats -- hardcover, softcover, archives, etc. -- and what effect they have on your wallet.

• Newly laid off from his comics-retailing job, Samuel Rules ponders the high cost of comics buying. (via Dirk Deppey)

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