Food or Comics | A roundup of money-related items

• Retailer-oriented website ICv2.com catches up with Diamond's Bill Schanes to talk about the new order minimum. The Q&A doesn't cover any new ground, but this quote jumped out at me: "One of the things that I think it’s important to point out is that for the small press especially, Diamond wants to be there for them and do a good job and support them and support the industry, but we are a for profit company and our obligation is to make sure that we’re around in the future to service our publishers and our retailer base. We’re going to be more flexible for those publishers that have marketing plans and sales plans, but I’d say that for 85% of the small press that sends us solicitations once they hit that send button to us, or put that stamp on their mail solicitation, that was their entire marketing budget; and it’s hard to support folks that aren’t doing much to support themselves, especially when those sales aren’t profitable in the first place."

• Stephen Robson of Fanfare/Ponent Mon tells blogger David Welsh that while he isn't "too concerned" about his company's books meeting the new threshold, he wonders about the policy's affect on relists.

• At Den of Geek, columnist Robert McLaughlin decides that collecting serialized comics has become too expensive of a hobby. So, he's saying good-bye to monthlies, and looking to trade paperbacks and digital comics.

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