Food or Comics | A roundup of money-related items

• At ICv2.com, retailer Steve Bennett joins the chorus of those calling Diamond's new order threshold "the death of independent comics." There is, however, a glimmer of hope in his article: "I could get mad about it but the truth is you can’t fight the cold equations; given current economic conditions I can’t blame anyone for maximizing profits. The answer, as it so often is, the internet. It’s still fairly inexpensive putting your comics online and while the audience for non-superhero comics is limited in comic shops your potential readership online is unlimited. But if you’re more interested in having someone else do it for you I’m guessing there’ll always be someone more than willing."

Tom Spurgeon has more from AdHouse Publisher Chris Pitzer regarding yesterday's announcement that he's canceling plans for Superior Showcase #4.

• Warner Bros. Entertainment is eliminating 800 jobs, which amounts to 10 percent of its global workforce. The breakdown of the numbers seems to vary from source to source, but it looks as if 300 people will be laid off, 200 open positions will remained unfilled, and 300 jobs will be outsourced. The studio's headquarters in Burbank, Calif., is taking the brunt of the cutbacks. Nikki Finke has more details.

• PW Comics Week reports that while early ticket sales for New York Comic-Con lag behind last year's, organizers expect numbers to pick up in the final weeks before the Feb. 6-8 show. The article features generally upbeat quotes from representatives of companies who will exhibit at the convention.

• The sports-memorabilia market is taking a hit from the economy, too. Glen Soustek, owner of Westlake Cards, Comics and Coins in Roselle, Ill., says it's "as bad as a whole generation of people can remember."

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