Food or Comics | A roundup of money-related items

• Bill Schanes, Diamond's vice president of purchasing, says the change in the distributor's order threshold may result in 20 to 30 of the distributor's 600 publishers being dropped outright. Others, he tells Newsarama, will be approached about cutting titles, "repackaging or reformatting," raising cover prices, or changing frequency of publication.

"Those who are creative can figure out how to continue to exist out there, at least through Diamond," Schanes says.

The new policy takes effect with Previews #3, which goes on sale Feb. 25.

John Jackson Miller casts a spotlight on Schanes' comments about variant covers falling under the new threshold, and wonders how this could affect Diamond's Top 300.

• At Comic Book Resources, Steven Grant declares "game over" for the current distribution model, but adds, "That doesn't mean game over for comics, though."

• Moving away from the new Diamond threshold, Tor.com's Heather Massey points to rising cover prices and a migration of readers to trade paperbacks, and asks, "Are comics as we know them on a death march?" It's sort of an odd piece that ends with Massey wondering whether comics should just go digital, then release printed collections later.

• At Fleen.com, Gary Tyrrell sees signs that auction-based online-advertising network Project Wonderful is expanding its pool of advertisers.

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