Follow the Path - Thin Alfred Pennyworth

In this feature I spotlight changes made to comic book characters that are based on outside media. I'm sure you can think of other examples, so feel free to e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com if you want to suggest some other examples for future installments.

Today we look at something I addressed in a Comic Book Legends Revealed years ago, the story of how a film led to Batman's butler, Alfred Pennyworth, becoming the thin character he is today.

As always, first we look at the original status quo and then we look at the change from the outside media and how it was applied in the comics.


In 1943's Batman #16, Batman and Robin gain a butler!

Alfred does, indeed, learn their identities later in the issue (by mistake, of course).

Isn't it amazing that the implication is that Alfred's last name is Jarvis?

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