Foggy Ruins of Time - Which Silver Age Marvel Villain Was Named After a Dirty Limerick?

Nell was a schoolteacher way out westBut she gave up teaching. She like diddlin' best

Now it was a standing bet in our home townThere were no two men black or brown

That could frog old Nell and hold her down'Til one day there strode into the barWild and wooly Piss Pot Pete

Fresh off the range from diddlin' sheepPisspot laid his John upon the barThe old folks say that it reached from thar to thar.

Pete yelled for a bottle then turned as he spokeSpent a year on the range with a rusty load in my poke

I've palmed a few batches on the hill where I satChanged hands and gained a stroke -- caught it in my hat

On a cold winter's nights, I go to bed with the sheepThen leave my John soak til the shit is knee deap.

Now I want a gal, no two bit whoreShe must be a good one who knows all the score

There's only one woman any good I hear tellShe's a hustling chippy a bitch called Nell

Now just the sound of that name brought a hush over those wallsThe only noise in the room was Pete scratching his balls

So you want old Nell, said a voice from the door.Well that's what I'm called. I'm that old whore

I hear you are here bragging. I know your sortThere won't be any price. We'll do it for sport

But I'll take a bet -- anything you can name --Mine against your and only one winner in the game

It's a deal said Pete and the croud gave a hollarThen the betting begain. No odds. Dollar for Dollar.

They all shook hands and the bets were madeFor Pete and Nell to screw and sparUp on the hill behind the bar

When the day arrived thousands fought for a seatJust to see that half-bread hide his meat

A shout arrose when the half-breed cameDressed and ready for that deadly game

Nell came out and the croud gave a cheerFor on Nells face there was a snear

For this little old shriveled manThat dared to brag he could frog her can

They turned and sparred twisted and sweezedFirst one then the other upon their knees

Fought and fought for hours and hoursTore down trees, grass and flowers

The sneer was gone from old Nell's panAll her thoughts were on her can

Neither smiled; neither spokeSuddenly Nell missed a strokeAnd Pisspot nailed her as she broke

The ground was torn for miles aroundwhere poor Nell's ass had drug the ground

Nell died that day all broken and toreThey hung her pants on the craphouse door.Poor, poor Nell

In Fantastic Four #38, Pete took on a new villain name, the Trapster!

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