FMA Brotherhood: Top 10 Friendships & Alliances

Hiromu Arakawa's hit fantasy anime series Fullmetal Alchemist is a story of intrigue, alchemy, action, redemption, ambition, and a whole lot more. While the lead brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric characters are the driving force behind the series, the Elrics aren't alone out there. They meet many new friends and enemies, who all have their own agendas and ideas on what the world should be like.

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Many of these characters have their own friends, partners, or even lovers, and some of these relationships are quite deep and reflect the premise of the show itself. What are some of the most interesting and meaningful friendships, alliances, and marriages of the Fullmetal Alchemist world?

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10 Scar and May

This is a classic example of an unlikely friendship, but despite it all, this petite Xingese girl and vengeful Ishvalan monk become travel companions for quite some time. They also travel with Dr. Marcoh (whom Scar rescued from the villains), and even the disgraced Yoki at some point.

What's interesting about this alliances is that they represent the implied convergence of alchemy and alkahestry, something that Scar's own brother was researching. Besides, it's simply fun to watch the serious and hulking Scar hanging out with the adorable May.

9 Ed and Winry

They're childhood friends, and Ed and Al would compete to see who would eventually marry her. The epilogue reveals that Ed is indeed the groom, and they make a happy family together.

But until then, Ed and Winry are a lot of fun together, with Winry being Ed's personal mechanic who alternates between whackin' him on the head and fearing for his life. That, and she adores his automail, seeing him as a sort of toy at times.

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8 Greed and Ling

In a way, this partnership was meant to be. Ling embodied greed and avarice even before he set foot in Amestris, since he's viciously ambitious and will work with anyone, and do anything, to achieve immortality and become emperor. So, Father is pleasantly surprised when Ling eagerly accepts Greed's Philosopher's Stone into his body.

After that, Greed lends Ling hs powers, and Ling teaches Greed about humanity and offers some martial arts skills to compliment Greed's tough skin. This is why it's actually sad to see Greed die at the end.

7 Alex and Olivier Armstrong

They're brother and sister, in fact, and it may be tough to tell at first besides their last name and blond hair. Alex is a gentle giant and an alchemist, while Olivier earns her title of "Ice queen" and wields a sword.

At first, it seems that Olivier is a cruel and abusive big sister, but as we later see, this is simply their dynamic, and Alex toughened up and learned much at Olivier's hands. She wouldn't admit it, but Olivier is proud of her hulking brother. At least, enough to declare that Alex would never lose to the likes of Sloth.

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6 Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye

We all just know that there are some sparks flying between them, even without checking out all the loving fan art of them. On the outside, they have a crisp and professional relationship of Colonel and Lieutenant, but it's implied that they have more going on between then than that.

Hawkeye is certainly Roy's better half and helped bring him back from the brink of madness when he nearly killed Envy in a fit of rage. And when Hawkeye told Envy "the Colonel calls me 'Riza' when we're alone" to trick him, maybe there was a kernel of truth to that...

5 Maes Hughes and his family

Some officers of the Amestris military are cold and ruthless. Others are big cuddly teddy bears! Maes Hughes lends some much-needed warmth to the scene, and he's an absolutely doting father and husband, too.

He can't resist showing off photos of his little daughter, and thinking about his family may have helped keep him sane in the Ishval Civil War. Even in that gruesome conflict, Maes' bright spirits about his family couldn't be dampened.

4 Ed and Ling

Ling is ambitious, and he'll ally with anyone who advances his cause. Ed winds up being another such ally, though they're more "frenemies" than anything. Ed and Al clashed with Ling's guards when they met, and Ed was furious when Ling saddled him with a huge bill at a restaurant.

But these young men have each other's backs, and not even adding Greed into the picture soured their alliance. Plus it's fun to watch the angry Ed fussing at Ling while the Xingese prince just laughs it off.

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3 Ling and Lan-Fan

Here's the last Ling relationship for this list. Lan-Fan is Ling's loyal bodyguard, along with her grandfather Fu, and she's personally loyal to him too! This young woman is quite taken with Ling, as Hohenheim realized, and she'll give anything for him.

And her loyalty and self-sacrifice aren't wasted; Ling admits that he would feel absolutely terrible if he left Amestris empty-handed and thus make Lan-Fan's sacrifice meaningless.

2 Izumi and Sig Curtis

Time for another married couple (along with Maes and his wife). They're another example of a tough woman and a gentle giant man, like Alex and Olivier, and they indeed come to the Armstrong siblings' rescue against the immortal Sloth. Izumi holds nothing back when training the Elric brothers, and Sig is happy to serve a fine dinner after some intense training.

And they make for a seamless team in combat, too. Izumi tossed the massive Sloth, and Sig (with Alex's help) pinned the homunculus on a spike to deliver the final blow.

1 Scar and his brother

In a way, these brothers are like the relationship between Scar and May. While Scar later became a tool of revenge against the Amestris people, his big brother was a scholar and researcher who sought a way to unite alchemy and alkahestry in peace.

They represent a combination of the soul of a civilization and the strength to protect it, and Scar desperately sought out his brother's hidden research notes. As a final gesture of goodwill, Scar's brother granted the younger brother his arm, complete with alchemy tattoos.

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