Flying Colors in California to host Jim Lee on Free Comic Book Day

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Jim Lee, artist of the best-selling BATMAN comic from DC Comics, will bethe special guest for Free Comic Book Day, Saturday May 3 at FlyingColors Comics & Other Cool Stuff in Concord, California.

"Last year's Free Comic Book Day was a big hit for finding new readersand bringing back former comic book readers," said Joe Field, owner ofFlying Colors and the originator of Free Comic Book Day. "This year, Iwanted to do something extra special, then Jim approached me about beingour in-store guest for FCBD. I am so thrilled and honored to have thenumber one artist in comics as our special guest on May 3. I hope Jim'slegions of dedicated fans each bring a bunch of friends to check out thegreat things going on in Batman and so many other titles. And, ofcourse, we'll have a great selection of FCBD freebies for everyone."

"Being at Flying Colors for Free Comic Book Day makes a lot of sense,"said Jim Lee. "The very first store signing I ever did was at FlyingColors 'Grand Opening'. At the time, Joe was passionate about running aprofessional, family friendly store devoted to the art-form of comics,and I was just a rookie penciller looking to make his first deadline.At least one of us was successful in our individual quests. But in allseriousness, Joe's been a great advocate for the comic book business.His brainchild--Free Comic Book Day-- is just one of his many terrificideas. I'm proud and honored to be a part of this year's Free ComicBook Day at the very store where both our careers were first gettingstarted nearly 15 years ago."

On Free Comic Book Day, comic book stores in more than 20 countries willgive away millions of comic books, covering the full diversity of themedium, from high-flying super-hero adventure to intense slice-of-lifeto crime noir to kid-friendly humor and more. This year's Free ComicBook Day on May 3 is just one day after the theatrical release of X2---the hotly anticipated follow-up to the blockbuster X-Men movie. Jim Leealso has ties to X-Men as the artist of 1991's X-Men #1, which sold morethan seven million copies, making it the all-time best-selling Americancomic book.

"So many of our pop culture icons come from comics: Spider-Man, X-Men,Batman, Daredevil, Superman, " Jim Lee said. "So few people realize youcan follow the adventures of these incredible characters every month atyour local comic book store. And comics are so much more than justsuperheroes. Comics today are so much better and more diverse than everbefore."

"It's been a real turning point in the history of comics to bring FreeComic Book Day to reality," Field said. "FCBD is the only time that allprofessionals in comics are working together to develop new readers andto call back former readers. I'm proud that Diamond Comic Distributors,many publishers, creators and thousands of my retailing compatriots havetaken my concept and are doing some amazing and creative things withit."

"We're planning to have a great assortment of free comics to entice newand returning comic book readers," Field promised. "We'll have comicsfor readers of all ages---- for kids, for families to enjoy readingtogether, for adults, and especially for people who think they wouldnever read a comic book. And with Jim Lee here as our FCBD guest, youcan bet we'll have some special surprises that fans of Jim's BATMANseries must see."

"It just doesn't get a lot cooler than Free Comic Book Day," Field said."What's not to love about hundreds of thousands of people all gettinginto comics on the same day? May 3 is like a worldwide holiday forcomics --- and I'm thrilled to be a part of it."

Free Comic Book Day at Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff will runfrom 12 noon until at least 4PM. More information is available bycalling Flying Colors at 925-825-5410 or by going to the Flying Colorsweb-site at http://FlyingColorsComics.com.

"Free Comic Book Day allows fans of all ages to experience the fun andexcitement of comics," said Lee. "I just wish FCBD was around when I wasa kid!"


(Joe Field owns Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff at 2980 TreatBoulevard, Concord California. Field is the originator of Free ComicBook Day, an event he conceived in his monthly "Big Picture" column inKrause Publications' Comics & Games Retailer magazine.

Jim Lee is currently Editorial Director of WildStorm Productions and amulti award-winning artist of such top selling titles as BATMAN, DIVINERIGHT, X-MEN, WILDCATS and PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL. Lee was a foundingpartner of Image Comics.)

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