Floating World Comics Presents "Full of Pryde" Hemophylia Benefit Show

Official Press Release

FLOATING WORLD COMICS PRESENTS: FULL OF PRYDE - A benefit for the Oregon Hemophilia Treatment Center

My good friend Douglas E. Sherwood (Oni Press) proposed a tribute show based around his favorite X-Men character, Kitty Pryde. His own personal experiences with having hemophilia his entire life also inspired him to make the show a fundraiser for the Hemophilia Treatment Center at OHSU. So we've asked dozens of comic artists, graphic designers, and illustrators to do their rendition of Kitty Pryde for this May's First Thursday show. We'll have original pieces and prints for sale and 100% of the proceeds go the the HTC.


WHO: Over 70 artists including: Bryan Lee O'Malley, Farel Dalrymple, Nathan Fox, Vasilis Lolos, Jeffrey Brown, Tom Neely, Brandon Graham, Corey Lewis, Zack Soto and more!

WHAT: Kitty Pryde tribute show, fundraiser for HTC

WHEN: Thursday, May 7th, 6-10pm

WHERE: Floating World Comics, 20 NW 5th Ave #101


Kitty Pryde is a lot of people's favorite X-Man. The fact that she was an adorable thirteen year-old girl when she joined the X-Men might have something to do with it. She can "phase" through objects, which means she can walk through walls or have dangerous weapons pass right through her without killing her. Only Joss Whedon can kill her, but don't bring that up with Mr. Sherwood. Here's a 99% complete list of all the artists that have contributed their time and talent to this show:

Floating World Comics

20 NW 5th Ave #101, Portland, OR 97209



Store hours: Everyday 11-7pm

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