Flippin' through Previews - September 2010

If I were a flunkie at DC, I'd propose publishing FIFTY Bat-titles a month ... and nothing else! Come on, DC - you can't lose! In the meantime, we'll have to peruse this month's Previews for other, non-Batman-and-thus-far-inferior titles!

Dark Horse:

I don't often mention the Mignola-verse here, because I just assume everyone knows how awesome it is (and because I buy my Hellboy in giant-sized hardcovers, so I'm a bit behind), but on page 28 you can check out Hellboy: Double Feature of Evil, which is a one-shot featuring two different stories, both drawn by Richard Corben. That should be keen! (17 November)


There's a volume of comics based on Michael Moorcock's Elric thingy on page 43. I've never read anything by Moorcock. But you might like it! I'm a bit puzzled as to why a Neil Gaiman autobiographical story is doing in an Elric collection - can anyone explain? (26 January)

I suppose I should mention that Axe Cop volume 1 is offered on page 44. So there, I mentioned it. (22 December)

On page 54, you can get John Carter of Mars: Weird Worlds, written by Marv Wolfman and drawn by a bunch o' folk. It's old-fashioned science fiction by T.'s favorite writer! (12 January)


David Finch writes and draws Batman: The Dark Knight #1 (page 63). I'm sure other people have already pointed this out, but in what universe will David Finch be able to keep up a monthly or even semi-monthly schedule? (24 November)


Batwoman #0 (page 64): I'm not quite as geeked about this as the lovely and only occasionally grumpy Ms. Kelly Thompson, but I am looking forward to it. (24 November)

I wasn't too jazzed by Scott Snyder taking over Detective (page 66), but the fact that Jock and Francesco Francavilla will be drawing the stories is interesting, and the story sounds, well, vague, but not horrible. I may have to give it a try! (24 November)

I like Jerry Bingham's art quite a bit. It won't get me to buy Batman Confidential #50 (page 73), but it might entice you!

In Superman #705 (page 76), our hero gets sent back in time, he's Superboy again, and the world is on the brink of nuclear Armageddon. How does that, exactly, jive with the whole "not being Superman" thing? It sounds awfully superheroic to me. (10 November)


I do enjoy the goofiness of the solicit for Green Arrow #6 (page 83): "The answer may drive Ollie over the edge - again!" I like how it's become old hat for Ollie to go insane. For Green Arrow #7, I hope it reads: "Ollie tries to DVR Covert Affairs, but bad weather takes down his satellite connection. The loss of the his weekly Piper Perabo fix may drive him over the edge - again!!!!" I'd buy it. (24 November)

"After one of the greatest terrorist attacks on American soil ..." begins the solicit text for Justice Society of America #45 (page 86). You know, I really wish DC (and Marvel, of course) wouldn't pull shit like this. If they want their books to exist in the same universe, maybe they shouldn't keep making statements like this. Is this event bigger than what Prometheus did to Star City (according to Wikipedia, 90,000 people died)? Is this bigger than Coast City getting wiped out (7 million dead)? Every six months or so, there's a horrible act of terrorism in the DCU. And yet DC keeps promising that this time, the carnage will be really bad!!!!! (24 November)

I like the solicit text for Teen Titans #89 (page 88): "There should always be a Robin on the team ..." Um, why, exactly? I mean, who really gives a shit? I guess they might make an exception when Robin is Crazy Damian, but that's just a dumb statement. Oh, wait, it's the solicitations. Dumb statements are kind of their stock-in-trade. (24 November)

How can you resist?

(Secret Six #27; page 94; 3 November)

As keen as these "DC Comics Presents" books have been, I'm puzzled by the one on page 96. It collects issues #1 and 6-8 of Chase, the excellent late 1990s series that showed how good J. H. Williams III was going to be. Why those four issues? Why not the entire series (it lasted 10 issues)? Williams' profile is surely high enough, right? Anyway, if you haven't gotten Chase yet, pick this up. Maybe if it sells well DC will do a trade or two of the entire thing. (3 November)

The Extremist is back in print on page 120 for 8 bucks, which is quite a bargain. Plus, it's frickin' excellent. It appears that it's the entire four-issue series, yet it's listed as a #1 issue. DC is weird. (17 November)


If you've been waiting for the trade of Kill Shakespeare, the first six issues are collected on page 151. So far, it's been a pretty good read, and considering the individual issues cost 4 dollars and the trade is 20 bucks, it might be worthwhile to check out.

Shockrockets gets a hardcover version on page 156. This is a Busiek/Immonen project that is pretty entertaining (as I recall; it's been years since I read it), but it's 25 dollars. Even for a hardcover, that seems steep. But it's cool that it's back in print!


Yesterday's Tomorrows shows up on page 168 in softcover. This book features the art of Rian Hughes, with stories written by Grant "You may remember me from your acid dreams" Morrison, among others. The hardcover cost $47.50, so this at $24.99 is a big improvement. I didn't think the original price was worth it, but for 25 bucks, you should definitely get it, because the stuff inside is pretty flingin'-flangin' awesome. (3 November)

I know this is an easy joke, but when I saw that Image was collecting "every issue ever published" of Battle Chasers, I immediately thought, "Can't I just find both of them fairly easily?" It turns out this collection has TEN WHOLE ISSUES in it!!!!! It's $100, so there's no way in hell I'm getting it, but I'm perversely curious to read this, mostly because Red Monika cracks me up. Maybe I'll buy this for Kelly for Christmas. I'm sure it's on her wish list! (10 November)

I'm sure plenty of people will tell me it sucks, but I'm intrigued by Sci-Spy by Moench and Gulacy on page 182. It sounds like loads of fun. Begin the piling on, haters! (10 November)


You'll notice that Joey Q doesn't do graphic novels anymore ... unless Disney throws a chunk of money at him to do a Tron one (page 5). I'm not picking on him, you understand. I'd do it, too, if Disney paid me a lot o' cash.

Deadpool #29 (page 16) features Doctor Bong. But that's not the point. Here is the excellent cover:

And yet, in Previews, it claims that this is NOT the final cover. Are you kidding? That thing is pure awesome! I only hope that Johnson is adding something to it, not completely changing it.

Whenever someone tries to defend Rob Liefeld (Rob Liefeld defenders do exist, don't they?), I show them something like this:

Let's focus!

What. the. fuck. (Our own man-hating, comics-hating blogger Kelly T. found so much to hate about this cover that she didn't even mention the horribly shaped and droopy breasts, which appear to be bags of sand shoved into the top. Liefeld, interestingly, almost always draws women's breasts this way, which makes me wonder if he's ever seen any in real life. And yes, I get a free "I Hate Comics and Sexy Women" badge if I mention Kelly thrice in one post, in case you're wondering.)

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #150 (page 19). BWAH-HA-HA-HA!!!!!!!

I don't get "Shadowland" at all. Daredevil #512 (page 40) is the final issue of the series, not long after they reverted to the original numbering. Presumably they'll launch it with a new #1 next month, or maybe a month after that. Why? And the tagline is "Who Will Be The New Man Without Fear?!" Well, can't that be anyone? I mean, lots of people in the Marvel Universe are fearless. That's not what sets Matt Murdock apart. His blindness is what makes him interesting. So what the hell is Marvel doing? Wait, you know what - I don't really give a damn.

I have to say, Bullseye: Perfect Game (page 45) intrigues me. Bullseye decides to become a major league pitcher? That's wacky enough to work!

Fin Fang Foom on the Rainbow Bridge (page 67). Yay, comics!

I'm not the biggest fan of Salva Espin, but I'm definitely giving Kieron Gillen's new book, Generation Hope, a look (page 73). Is Gillen's apprenticeship over and he can now sustain a comic that doesn't seem terribly marketable but is a bit moreso than S.W.O.R.D.? Or will this too crash-and-burn like that one even as it paves the way for the next Gillen comic, which will vault him into the stratosphere? Only the pre-orders on issue #1 know for sure!!!!!!

Now that's a cover (page 85):

I like Sandman trying to sneak a peek surreptitiously.

Over on page 103, the John Ney Rieber/John Cassaday arc on Captain America gets collected in hardcover. This, as you'll recall, is a terrible comic book. It looks nice, though.

Who knew the world was clamoring for a "Maximum Security" trade paperback? Yet there it is on page 118!

And so we reach the back of the book. Be not afraid!

SLG brings us Elmer by Gerry Alanguilan on page 216. It's about a world in which chickens are as intelligent and conscious as humans and are demanding equal rights. So there's that.

Matz and Luc Jacamon have another title, Cyclops, coming out from Archaia on page 222. It's about a man fifty years in the future who goes to work for a private security firm where things are kind of off. Sounds neat. I'm sure our resident European comics expert, Pedro, can tell us more about it!

Archaia also has Killing Pickman in a hardcover on page 222. This was a cool series about a cop, a serial killer, and demons that fell victim to the Archaia implosion a few years ago and hasn't been seen since. So I'm happy that it might finally see the light of day.

Over on page 224, Archie Comics has Life With Archie: The Married Life #5. I wouldn't be terribly interested in this except I recently read Chris Sims' breakdown of issue #1 (the main review is here, while here he adds a bit to it) and it sounds so amazingly bleak I'm really curious to give it a try. Is Paul Kupperberg going to have Archie commit suicide at the end of the arc? That's where it seems to be leading!

I don't want to alarm anyone, but there's a TENTH ANNIVERSARY edition of the first Tarot trade on page 252. And, in keeping with my new policy of simply reprinting the solicit text about each issue of Jim Balent's masterpiece, here's the one for issue #65: "A desperate cry goes out to Tarot and her sister Raven Hex. Oil-covered carcasses of merfolk - men, women and children - lie dead, washed up on the gulf shore. Was it an accident of mass destruction or was it, as the merfolk see it, a weapon that was unleashed upon them? The fate of mankind lies in the hands of one Witch ..." This has "Dr. Doom-Crying-After-9/11" written all over it, let me tell you. No haunted vaginas, however, which may or may not be a good thing.

So now Dynamite Entertainment is covering up breasts in their variant covers (for the new Vampirella series on pages 254-55). But is it that big a deal?

I mean, she wears a tiny red ... thing anyway, so covering her nipples with blood doesn't seem too much worse. I mean, it's still icky, but mind-scarring?

I have no idea what's going on in this cover (is that a silvery gun he's holding?), but I dig how the logo falls down the page:

ACME Novelty Library volume 20 shows up on page 274 from Drawn & Quarterly. I guess this is some sort of important comic book. Beats me.

Well, this is odd. Fantagraphics has a massive volume of early Usagi Yojimbo on page 278. I'm not sure if I want to spend $100 on it, but it looks pretty keen. I'm just puzzled as to why Dark Horse, which currently publishes Usagi Yojimbo, isn't doing something like this. Strange.

On the same page, volume 2 of Castle Waiting by Linda Medley appears. I should probably get around to reading volume 1 before I pick this up.

For another hundred bucks, you can get The Incal Classic Collection Deluxe hardcover from Humanoids on page 286. I certainly wouldn't mind reading this, but that's pretty steep, ain't it?

Kickstart Comics has some more interesting graphic novels on page 287. B. Clay Moore and Kevin Mellon bring us Deadline, about a man who has a bomb planted in his head and is being forced to assassinate a world leader or his family dies; Mirror Mirror is about someone reassembling the mirror from "Snow White" and using it for nefarious purposes and features art by Lee Moder, whom I usually like. I do hope Kickstart does well, because they seem to have nifty books in the pipeline.

I'm extremely interested in Henry and Glenn Forever on page 288 from Microcosm Publishing. It seems to imply that Glenn Danzig and Henry Rollins are lovers. And they live next door to Hall and Oates. For six bucks, I think I can take the plunge and find out just what the hell is going on. (Actually, I looked at the web site, and it most definitely is those gentlemen. Apparently Henry Rollins does not think Glenn Danzig would be amused by it, which makes it all the more humorous.)

That sound you hear is Greg Hatcher's head exploding with glee, as Moonstone brings us Secret Agent #1 on page 290 (why not Secret Agent X?), which sounds cool enough, but promises an appearance of the Green Lama. Above that, we get The Northern Guard #1 by Ty Templeton, which brings a bunch of Golden Age Canadian superheroes together in one book (and the solicit calls it North Guard, but the cover reads The Northern Guard). Come to think of it, you might have heard Layne's head exploding with glee as well. But probably not Chad Nevett's, because he's such a cynical bastard.

You knew it was coming ... Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Boxset on page 294 from Oni Press. It's $72, so does that mean you save a dollar a volume? Or was each volume 12 dollars? Either way, if you were blown away by Michael Cera's emoting and want to know what the fuss is all about, pick this up.

I don't know if it's out of print, but Hewligan's Haircut shows up on page 300 from Rebellion/2000AD. This isn't a great comic, but it sure is weird, and as we don't get enough (or any) Jamie Hewlett art these days, it's a chance to see why he's so excellent.

Atomic Robo and the Deadly Art of Science #1. Page 301. I'll keep bringing it up until you start buying it!!!!!

On that cheery and commanding note, it's time to finish up our latest voyage through Previews. Thanks for playing along at home, everyone!

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