Flippin' through <i>Previews</i> - October 2007

I doubt that there's anything we need more than another iteration of The Darkness, and thank all that's good and holy that Top Cow is stepping up to the plate!  It's right there on the latest slab of pre-ordering goodness, the October issue of Previews!  Let's crack the book open and check out what's inside!

Dark Horse:

Nexus gets another volume from the archives (page 37; 27 February), which makes me wonder: Why doesn't The Dude have the rights to this?  It wasn't originally published by Dark Horse, and I thought that First allowed creators control of their characters.  Does anyone know the twisted, tangled tale of why the old Nexus is coming from Dark Horse and the new Nexus is coming from The Dude himself?

Man, it's a slow month at Dark Horse.  Let's move on.


I'm not sure which genius at DC came up with Countdown: Arena (page 61), although I really hope it wasn't Keith Champagne, the writer.  This idea, taking the heroes from Elseworlds titles and pitting them against each other, sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.  I can't even get into the idiocy of this.  Please don't buy it!

I have no idea if Bat Lash #1 (page 65; 12 December) will be any good, but are Jonah Hex and Loveless burning up the charts so much that DC thinks they can publish a third Western?

Doom Patrol Archives Volume 4 shows up on page 87 (27 February).  I own the first one, and really should catch up.  That first volume is excellent.  It's 50 bucks, which is probably a bit scary, but still a neat thing to own.

I'm going to check out Northlanders #1 (page 112; 5 December), because Brian Wood is a good writer, but I'm a bit wary because it's about Vikings.  I don't have anything against Vikings, per se, but I was a bit jazzed to see a book set around the year 1000 - until I learned that it included Vikings.  Vikings are, frankly, a bit boring, except for maybe the Normans, especially the ones in Sicily.  You get a lot of cool stuff happening the Mediterranean world in 1000 that didn't involve Vikings.  Oh well.  I'm sure it will be interesting, even if it's not exactly what I hoped for.

Incognegro (page 116; 5 February) looks neat.  It's the story of a black reporter who can pass as white going down south to investigate the arrest of his brother in a murder case in the 1930s.  It sounds thrilling and thought-provoking.  Who doesn't like those sorts of comics?

Speaking of Doom Patrol, the final Morrison trade comes out on 16 January (page 122).  Man, talk about brilliant comics.  Is a Flex Mentallo trade next?

Also on page 122, the El Diablo trade is solicited.  I have never heard of this.  NEVER!  What the heck is it?  When did it come out?  And then, just when I think the universe can't get any weirder, on page 123, the Fight For Tomorrow trade is solicited.  I've never heard of this, either!!!!!  Am I going insane?  You be the judge!

If you've been waiting for a softcover of Pride of Baghdad, it's out on page 123 (2 January) for 13 dollars, which isn't a bad deal.  Why it took a year to get out is beyond me, but if I knew anything about marketing and distribution, I'd be working for DC!


Page 134 brings us Infinite Horizon #1 (5 December), which sounds very cool.  A re-imagining of The Odyssey, with a soldier making his way back from a war in the Middle East.  It sounds like it could be very good, and Phil Noto on art is a good draw too.

The Next Issue Project #1 (page 138; 5 December) is a great idea, but are they all going to be big honkin' comics for 6 bucks?  I'm not sure how viable that is for too long, unless these only come out four times a year or so.  Still, it should be keen.

Jonathan Hickman is only writing Red Mass For Mars (page 140; 12 December), so we'll see how that works without his unique art.  The concept is neat, though.

Casanova is now available in softcover (page 143; 12 December)!!!!!  Wasn't it already out in softcover?  Anyway, it's good.  Why don't you buy it and prove you love good comics?

Also on page 143, we get a new printing of the first Hawaiian Dick trade (19 December).  Fine stuff, especially as you get a ton of extras for 15 bucks.  Not bad.  And you don't have to wait two years for it to the entire series show up!

Page 146 is puzzling.  We get solicitations for volume 6 and the hardcover volume 1 of The Walking Dead.  Both the solicits say "Back in Print!"  What?  Why are these things out of print in the first place?  Isn't this a popular title for Image?  That's weird.

I'm patiently waiting for the first issue of Special Forces to come out, but Image keeps soliciting them (page 160; 27 December)!  I imagine this will be good whenever it comes out, but I don't like the solicitation text: "This issue is absolutely not about oil!  It's about freedom!  Anyone who says this comic is about oil hates freedom!  This month our heroes defend a freedom pipeline from the notorious terrorist known as 'The Desert Wolf.'"  This kind of satire is just so obvious, and I would hope Kyle Baker would be above it.  Of course, the book is never coming out anyway, so it probably doesn't matter.

I have heard that Kiss 4K (page 179) is a completely horrible comic.  I'm not going to buy this, but it's Chuck Dixon and Tone Rodriguez, so it can't be that bad, can it?  Have they been doing the other issues, or has it been someone who really sucks?


Boy, that art on Ultimates 3 #1 (pages 11-13) looks awful.  Really horrible.  It's going to sell a ton, isn't it?

The Amazing Spider-Man experiment begins this month (pages 14-17), and although I wish it the best of luck, I can't see it working too well with the creators involved.  I mean, the artists are Steve McNiven, Chris Bachalo, Salvador Larocca, and Phil Jimenez.  Those four are not exactly the fastest guys in the world, and I get that they'll rotate the art chores, but it seems a bit hopeful on Marvel's part to expect them to combine to give us 36 issues a year.  That's 9 issues from each.  That's pushing it.  Also: I have heard that "One More Day" is already hopelessly behind.  What is Marvel going to do when these issues are supposed to ship but the storyline leading into it isn't done?

The debate a few weeks ago at the comic book shoppe: Is Captain America: The Chosen (page 26) in continuity or not?  I love geekspeak at the comic book shoppe.

A Marvel comic written by Tom Beland (page 29)?  I'm all over it!

What If? Civil War (page 59).  Must ... resist ... obvious ... joke ...*

So Exiles is ending, but they're relaunching it with ... New Exiles (page 72)?  I'm really not happy that this marketing ploy has caught on.

You all know you're dying to purchase ... The Complete Onslaught Epic ... Volume 1 (page 105)!  For only 30 dollars, you too can experience perhaps the absolute height of 1990s craptitude!  You know when people speak of the 1990s sucking?  They're talking about this storyline!  Who wouldn't want to read it?  This is not a question of "so bad, it's good," people.  These comics really, really suck.

All right, it's time to move on into the back of the book!

If you haven't bought 1000 Steps to World Domination yet, AiT/Planet Lar has it on page 212.  It's a very funny story about a cartoonist taking over the world through comics!  Of course, you can buy it right now, but if you're in the mood to get it out of Previews, here's your chance!

Amaze Ink/Slave Labor has Midnight Sun by Ben Towle on page 215 for 15 dollars.  You may recall that I liked the idea of this when it was being published in serialized form, but wished it would come out in graphic novel form.  Yay, Ben Towle heard my pleas, and now I can read the darned thing all at once!  What a nice guy he is!

Lots of cool stuff is solicited from Archaia Studios Press this time around, although I'm a bit worried by the lateness of some of their books recently.  But the quality is quite good, still.  On pages 226-27, we get The Long Count, which deals with the end of the world, which is coming soon, according to the Mayan calendar.  We also get a bunch of books in the middle of series, but you should still check them out: The Killer, Killing Pickman, The Secret History, and even Awakening, the first issue of which disappointed me.  We also get a new Robotika mini-series, and you shouldn't miss the stunning art this time around, should you?  Plus, A. David Lewis and mpMann bring us Some New Kind of Slaughter, which delves into flood myths.  Neat!  Archaia has nice stuff, but I want it to come out!

If you're looking for some interesting Warren Ellis comics, Avatar is reprinting all his Strange Kiss/Strange Killings mini-series (pages 238-39).  There are six of them, and they're quite good, somewhat creepy, and gloriously violent.

Big City Comics has Ant Unleashed #1 on page 242.  Is this the third publisher for Ant?  Why can't it stay in one place?

Mike Baron writes The Architect, which comes from Bighead Press on page 243.  I've never heard of it, but it sounds intriguing.

Boom! Studios offers some trades you might like.  On page 244, we get the Cover Girl trade.  This is a nice, fun, action thriller.  Then on page 246 we get the Left on Mission trade.  This is a more serious espionage thriller, and I'd recommend it completely except the last issue hasn't come out yet and it could all turn to crap!  I doubt it will, though.

I'm not entirely sure if Superpowers #0 (page 257) will be any good, but it's 40 pages for a buck, and features some good talent (if you include Alex Ross in that, which I do).  Give it a try!  Dynamite Entertainment also solicits the second trade of Tim Truman's Scout on page 261.  Someone was asking about it a while ago here at the blog, and now, there it is!

If you missed it the first time around, Drawn & Quarterly offers Exit Wounds again on page 285.  For 20 bucks, you get one of the best graphic novels of the year.  Trust me!

Down on the bottom of page 290, Fantagraphics offers a collection of Freebooters, by Barry Windsor-Smith.  One more thing I've never heard of.  Is it any good?  Does anyone know?  It's a little pricey at 30 dollars, but it might be the greatest thing ever.

IDW has a new Wormwood story, Calamari Rising, on page 301.  I will probably wait for the trade on this, but if you're interested, Templesmith is in rare form with the character.  It's quite a blast.

There's a new Wasteland trade from Oni Press on page 317.  And, in case you missed it, the first trade is offered again.  The book gets better with each issue, and it really starts to shine in volume 2.

I never did get around to buying the Speed Racer series when it originally came out, but it gets a trade on page 326 from Seven Seas Entertainment.  I don't think I have much interest in it now, but perhaps someone owns it and can let us know if it's worth buying?

It's Alan Moore Month at Top Shelf, so if you haven't yet delved into From Hell, you can order it from them on page 342, plus a bunch of other Moore stuff.  And if you haven't yet delved into From Hell, you're just depriving yourself of some true brilliance.

Villard has some nice choices this month on page 346.  They re-offer Postcards: True Stories that Never Happened, which is a very cool book, and Macedonia by Harvey Pekar, which I've never read, but it has to be good, right?

Virgin has been doing some nice things, but this month they really outdo themselves with Jenna Jameson's Shadow Hunter #0 on page 350.  It's only 25 cents to read a prequel about a character based on a porn star who's "sultry, sexy, and kicks ass," according to Miss Jameson herself.  You know you're dying to buy this instead of, say, a good comic!

That's all we have for this month.  As always, there are a lot of neat things lurking in the pages of Previews, as long as you're willing to look past the Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man comics!

* The obvious joke being, of course, "What If Civil War Didn't Suck?"

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