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Flippin’ through Previews – March 2011

by  in Comic News Comment
Flippin’ through <i>Previews</i> – March 2011

You know, I can’t believe I’m thinking this … but I might buy BOTH Flashpoint AND Fear Itself! Can you handle it?!?!?!?

Dark Horse:

Hellboy gets a fourth Library Edition on page 44, with the first non-Mike Mignola drawn stories. I mean, they’re drawn by Richard Corben, so it’s not like they’re terrible! I’m looking forward to seeing Corben’s art all big. Keen. (6 July)

Yeah, that’s it. I mean, there’s other stuff from Dark Horse this month, but nothing that’s really grabbing me. Let’s move on.


On page 73, we get Green Lantern Super Spectacular #1, which reprints some GL books from the past – there’s a Johns/Darwyn Cooke story from 2005, a story by Johns and Ethan van Sciver, an old John Broome/Gil Kane story from way back in the day, and the Abin Sur story by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill, which is the only one I’ve read. It’s 10 bucks for 96 pages, which isn’t bad. I might actually get this! (4 May)

Poor Paul Cornell. He has to write a Doomsday story in Action Comics #901 (page 74) AND have it illustrated by Kenneth Rocafort. He doesn’t deserve this!!!! (25 May)

Yes, Flashpoint #1 sounds pretty keen (page 75). As Mr. Nevett and Mr. Callahan pointed out on their podcast this weekend, the spin-off series sound absolutely atrocious, but I can get behind the main story, and Kubert on art is good. Will this convince me that Geoff Johns is a good writer? We shall see!!!! (11 May)

I’m not sure if Dan Jurgens is returning to Booster Gold just for the “Flashpoint” issues (page 77), but if he’s back for good, I have to drop the book. Jurgens, to me, is aggressively mediocre – “workmanlike” would be a kinder adjective, I suppose – so while I don’t hate him, I have no interest in reading his stuff. (18 May)

This David Aja cover for Green Arrow #12 is the variant (page 78). That is because DC is stupid. (25 May)

There’s a new Static Shock series on page 81. I’ve never read a Felicia Henderson comic, so I don’t know if this will be any good, but if you really have some love for the Milestone characters, here’s something for you. (4 May)

I’m extremely interested in Batman: Gates of Gotham (page 83) – of course, I’ll probably wait for the trade – but when did Owlman become one of Batman’s “greatest detectives”? This doesn’t sound like an alternate reality, but what’s up with Owlman? Isn’t he a bad guy? Still, it sounds way keen. (18 May)

How many times is DC going to solicit Batman Incorporated #7 (page 84) before they realize that maybe they should just shelve it for a while? This is supposed to come out in May, yet issue #3 hasn’t shipped yet. Good job keeping the God of All Comics on task, DC! (25 May)

Speaking of slow Batman books, The Dark Knight #4 is re-offered on page 85. Has a second issue of this come out yet? (25 May)

Speaking of slow Batman books (what a trend!), Batwoman #2 is re-solicited on page 89. This doesn’t bother me as much as the other ones, as issue #1 still hasn’t come out, but we shall see if it will come out on a regular schedule. That would be nice. (4 May)

Batman rejoins the Outsiders on page 91 … in the final issue of the series. I know DC is probably relaunching this (I think I saw that somewhere), but why? Do we really need an Outsiders comic? Really? (18 May)

I’m kind of morbidly curious to see how Phil Hester will explain Wonder Woman’s “alternate reality” in issue #611 on page 97 (“The answers start to come right here!”) because, as we know, her alternate reality has intersected with Superman’s “real” reality with absolutely no comment by any of the characters, so what the crap is up with it? (25 May)

Peter Milligan’s terrific “Dark Knight, Dark City” gets reprinted on page 109 for 8 measly dollars. It’s been a long time coming, and it’s totally worth your time and money. Plus, “Identity Crisis” from Detective #633 is included. Holy crap, a double-shot of Milligan excellence! (18 May)

On the same page (page 109, you know), Green Lantern: Willworld gets reprinted, also for 8 bucks. DeMatteis’s story is fine, but as it is drawn by Seth Fisher and you should buy absolutely everything Seth Fisher drew, you should pick this up. You don’t even have to read it, just look at the art! (25 May)

There’s a trade of Knight and Squire on page 110, so I suppose I will have to get that so that all the fans of this series will stop bothering me about them. I really do want to read this, I promise! (29 June)

I don’t think I’ll drop 40 bucks on Brian Bolland Cover to Cover on page 111, but it’s kind of neat that DC is releasing it. It even has commentary from Bolland and unpublished art. Hmmm … maybe I will get this. (31 August)

Another 40-dollar book shows up on page 112, this time featuring Gene Colan’s Batman work. This has to be cool, right? (20 July)

Jack Kirby drawing Green Arrow sounds fairly wacky. So DC put together his work from the late 1950s, including a bunch of non-GA work, put it in a hardcover, and slapped a $49.99-price tag on it! 304 pages of Kirby goodness!!!! (page 116; 20 July)

I’m not sure if The Twilight Experiment has ever been collected before, but DC gives it to us on page 121 for $17.99. This is actually a pretty good mini-series, although I’ll have to re-read it to be sure, and it does feature quite good art by Juan Santacruz. (8 June)

The Vertigo Crime novels continue with Cowboys (page 123), which I’d like to get but probably won’t. Gary Phillips has never impressed me as a writer, but Brian Hurtt draws it. Dang. I know it will look great! (13 July)

Let’s see – Strange Adventures #1 (page 124), featuring science-fiction short stories from various cool creators, all under the Vertigo banner? Brian Azzarello, Scott Snyder, Peter Milligan, Eduardo Risso, Jeff Lemire, Kevin Colden, and others? Yeah, I’m all over that. (25 May)


Rocketeer Adventures #1 on page 145 features a buttload of cool talent: Mike Allred, Kurt Busiek, John Cassaday, Michael Kaluta, Mike Mignola, and Jim Silke. That could be pretty awesome.

Joe R. Lansdale and Sam Kieth are on a new 30 Days of Night mini-series called Night, Again (page 153), which might be pretty darned keen. The creative team rocks, at least!

On page 160, we get The Art of Amanda Conner hardcover for 30 dollars, which might be something keen to check out. The solicit text doesn’t really give much information about what’s in the book, so we shall see. Still, Amanda Conner!


Hey, look, it’s a new ‘Breed on page 168! I never read Jim Starlin’s opus back in the day, but it’s always fun to see Starlin doing a creator-owned property. Plus, there’s a trade of the first ‘Breed stories on page 189. Chad Nevett will be all over this! (11 May)

I’m not all that interested in Drums on page 178, because it’s a horror story with voodoo, and I’m not a big fan of voodoo. However, El Torres, who writes it, is pretty good at horror, so there’s that. For some reason, Image links this to the two trades of Hawaiian Dick, which are offered again down below the solicit texts. That’s a bit weird. (18 May)

Last Mortal #1 is offered on page 180, so you might want to give it a look. This was one of the issues in Top Cow First Look, and it’s pretty good. You can trust me! (25 May)

The preview pages for Moriarty #1 (page 182) look pretty keen. The story sounds kind of neat – right before World War I, MI5 blackmails Professor Moriarty into finding Sherlock Holmes’s brother, Mycroft, and the complications that arise from that. It sounds neat, but what’s interesting is that the solicitation texts feel the need to mention that it’s lettered by Dave Lanphear. Is that a big selling point? (11 May)

Choker is offered in trade paperback on page 188. Wouldn’t it be nice if the final issue came out? (18 May)

Elephantmen #32 (page 196) sounds pretty wild. It’s a story of Hip Flask in a “Conan-the-Barbarian” kind of world (which I assume is him dreaming), and I guess it’s a standalone issue. If you’ve wondered whether to get Elephantmen, here’s your chance! (18 May)


I know the cover of Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt #1 (page 7) is by Giuseppe Camuncoli, but doesn’t it kind of remind you of Rob Liefeld? It’s probably because Thor Girl kind of looks Liefeldian. Strange. (4 May)

I’ll probably end up getting at least a few issues of Moon Knight by Bendis and Maleev (page 45), but I’m not too confident about it. He really takes on the personalities of his fellow Avengers? Really? Dear Lord. We shall see, though, but that sounds like a train wreck waiting to happen. (4 May)

Deadpool Max has become a 12-issue mini-series (page 74)? Was that always the way it was supposed to be? Beats me. (18 May)

On page 78, Marvel offers the Amazing Spider-Man by David Michelinie and Todd McFarlane Omnibus. First of all, I love that the book includes artists who AREN’T Todd McFarlane, but whatever. Anyway, this was my introduction to Amazing Spider-Man lo those many years ago, and while the stories don’t hold up too well, McFarlane’s art is freakin’ awesome. Yes, freakin’ awesome. Of course, I have all these issues already, so I’m not paying 100 dollars for it, but it is 848 pages of comics, so there you have it. (3 August)

Page 90 brings us two odd trade paperbacks – Emma Frost and Mystique from the early 2000s. I imagine that Mystique is better because it’s Brian K. Vaughan, but I like that Marvel is banking on interest in the movie to release these suckers now. Maybe they know what they’re doing! (18 and 25 May)

If you really want a hardcover of the X-Tinction Agenda, Marvel gives it to you on page 92. I remember being so excited about this when I read it in single issue form, and I think that might have been the last time I was really excited about a X-crossover. I read other ones, but I was really keen on this. And you know what? It’s not bad. Not great, but not bad. (3 August)

I’ve always wondered if Marvel was going to collect the Claremont Captain Britain issues in trade, and on page 93, we get Captain Britain: Birth of a Legend. It’s 40 dollars for 376 pages, and I can’t imagine they’re great comics, but I love Captain Britain and I REALLY love Betsy Braddock, so I’m totally getting this! (25 May)

I bought an issue of Rocket Raccoon a while back, but haven’t been able to find the rest of the mini-series. So of course Marvel drops a Rocket Raccoon: Guardian of the Keystone Quadrant in hardcover, which is $24.99 so might be a bit overpriced, but I will definitely have to think about it. MIGNOLA!!!!!! (3 August)

Trouble gets collected on page 101. Has it ever been collected before? There’s no way I’m getting this, but I am perversely curious to read it. (18 May)

I’ll be picking up Taskmaster: Unthinkable on page 110, because it’s Fred van Lente and Jefte Palo, I’ve heard good things about it, and it’s a Marvel mini-series, so of course I waited for the trade! You can get it too! (4 May)

Hey, it’s the back of the book!

Antarctic Press has a T-shirt with General Zod listening to an iPod … and it’s called an iZod (page 227). I assume this falls under “fair use,” but that seems like they’re treading some thin ice with this.

On page 234, Asylum Press has each issue of Fearless Dawn signed by Steve Mannion. It’s 30 dollars, so it’s a bit steep, but I just like to point out the sexy wackiness that is Fearless Dawn, because Mannion is awesome.

If you’ve been waiting for Soldier Zero in trade, Boom! has it for $9.99 on page 254. That’s a bargain!!!!

Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose #68 (page 262): “The Skeleton Man and Tarot’s mother are transported to a frozen harbor by Loki’s magick. There they face the mighty jaws and teeth of the Midgard Serpent, Jormungand. A tragic end is foreseen! Heroes die! A dark witch stands defiant in the face of a God. A terrible grieving begins.” Man.

On page 266, we get Kirby: Genesis #0 (for $1.00!) from Dynamite Entertainment, which has Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross, which features character concepts by Kirby. Who knows if it will be any good, but it’s Kirby!

Dynamite also has a mini-series by Charlaine Harris (page 272), who wrote the Sookie Stackhouse novels. This is about a different character, Harper Connelly, but you might like Harris and might enjoy this. I just point it out because my wife adores the Sookie Stackhouse novels – she devours them in a few hours and wants more!

It’s been a while since Dynamite brought out a volume of Borderline by Carlos Trillo and Eduardo Risso, but there’s another one (the final one, I guess) on page 278. This is a weird series, and it looks freakin’ great. Check it out!

Over on page 304, Oni Press has the second trade of The Sixth Gun. This is a fantastic series, and you should get the trade if you haven’t been buying the single issues. I notice that a single issue of The Sixth Gun is not solicited this month, so I really hope Bunn and Hurtt are just taking a month off to recharge.

Hotwire: Deep Cut gets a nice 10-dollar trade on page 311 from Radical Comics. If you think Steve Pugh’s mini-series is awesome, you’d be right. Pick it up!

Top Shelf has some cool comics on page 320. First is Gingerbread Girl by Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover, which is of course on-line right now but which I’m ignoring because I don’t like on-line stuff. Still, it’s Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover, so you know it’s awesome. Right below that, they have The Homeland Directive by Robert Venditti and Mike Huddleston. Venditti wrote The Surrogates, which is good, and this sounds like a keen conspiracy comic, plus it’s drawn by Mike Huddleston, so of course it will look fantastic. I’m checking both of these out!

And so we reach the end of another Previews, at least the comicky part of Previews. You can dig through the weird stuff in the back on your own damned time! So go get your Previews catalogue and get pre-ordering! Have fun with it!

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