Flippin' through <i>Previews</i> - March 2007

What fine comic book products lurk in the latest Previews?  Let's check it out!

Dark Horse:

You know, I bought the first B.P.R.D collection at the big sale last weekend, and it was okay.  I may buy another one or two, because they were good stories, but nothing to make me fall down.  I'm just saying.

On page 31, Scarlet Traces: The Great Game is offered in a nice hardcover format.  I thought this was the best mini-series of last year (even though that recommendation may repel some people!) and here's a chance to read it in collected form!

Oh, and on page 47, you can buy fake rayguns ... for $690.  Please let me know if you buy these so I can visit you and throw you in a deep well.


I'm going to buy Catwoman #67 (page 65), because Pfeifer has made it a good comic, but I worry about the text: "The body count begins!"  That's depressing.  Maybe nobody will get sliced in half by giant buzzsaws, but still.

Page 66: All Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder #5.  Bwah-ha-ha-ha!

The Batman: Turning Points trade on page 66 might be something of interest if you missed it the first time around.  The stories aren't unbelievably brilliant, but they're nice tales of Gordon and Batman at crucial times in their lives.

So there's another weekly event (pages 74-75).  I'm just wondering: why don't DC and Marvel ever learn anything?  I imagine it might do okay, so they'll do another one, and the law of diminishing returns will kick in.  If you're Dan DiDio, wouldn't you think, "How about we do something completely different instead of trying to recapture the lightning-in-a-bottle success we had with 52?"  I guess that's why I'm not a successful businessman!

On page 78, Dr. Fate #2 is solicited with the credits "Art and cover by Justiniano" (my emphasis).   That's clearly a Paul Gulacy cover, unless Justiniano is trying to look like Gulacy.  I'm just pointing it out.

Okay, people, time for you to chime in: on page 82, we get Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E., the trade paperback!  This is old-school Geoff Johns, before he took over the DCU and lost his mind, plus it features Lee Moder artwork (I love me some Lee Moder artwork).  So is it worth it, or is old-school Geoff Johns just as nutty as nu-skool Geoff Johns?  I crave your wisdom!

I just happened to see the cover of Tenjho Tenge vol. 14 on page 96 as I breezed past the CMX section. Talk about clothing defying the laws of physics!

Silverfish (page 112) looks cool.  I still haven't gotten around to checking out Stray Bullets, but I really liked Lapham's ultra-bleak run on Detective, so this might be something to pick up.


Frazer Irving is drawing Gutsville (page 142), which is a story about people living inside a giant monster that swallowed the ocean liner they were on.  Yeah, I know, but two things make this interesting: Irving's art, and the tag line under the title: "Seditionists will be digested."  If there's black humor like that in the book, it might work.


The text for Civil War: Fallen Son - Spider-Man (page 5): "We know we're being secretive about these FALLEN SON issue descriptions, but it's Jeph Loeb, David Finch (NEW AVENGERS) and Spider-Man all dealing with life's greatest foe - so you know it's going to rock!"  Here's the problem with that.  Even if you like Loeb as a writer, and Finch as an artist, and Spider-Man as a character, couldn't it suck?  Is Marvel seriously saying that these gentlemen, and this character, have never done anything wrong?  Marvel has, I vaguely recall, even made fun of stuff Loeb has written in the past (I could be wrong about this), so why couldn't it suck?  I know they're trying to sell stuff, but these solicitation texts are even dumber than usual.

Speaking of which, next to it is this line for Civil War: Fallen Son - Iron Man: "The rockstar team of Jeph Loeb and John Cassaday (ASTONISHING X-MEN) bring it all home in the story that will have True Believers debating - and maybe even shedding a tear."  Yes, shedding a tear.  This issue may be the greatest comic ever written - you don't know! - but if you cry after reading it, we all get to come to your house and pummel you.  Let us know!

I hope Marvel Illustrated (page 7) does well.  It's a good idea that gets revived occasionally and dies quickly.

On page 10, we see the words "Enter: Ultimate Silver Surfer!"  I hope they're not implying this is the first time we've seen Ultimate Silver Surfer, because it's not.  I'm just wondering.

I'd love to see a Frank Cho cover where he draws a man in a sexually suggestive pose.  Wouldn't that be bizarrely excellent?  On that Mighty Avengers cover, we could have Sentry with his ass in the air, ready for a wild ride.  Think of the reaction among the fanboys!

Let's head into the back of the book!

On page 216 the final issue (#90) of Strangers in Paradise is solicited.  I should really buy these trade paperbacks, shouldn't I?

AiT/Planet Lar offers Black Diamond #1 on page 222.  I'll believe it when it's in my hands, I'll tell you that much.  But the preview issue was way cool.  Meanwhile, they also have The Homeless Channel, a graphic novel that sounds interesting if deliberately vague.

Street Angel is offered again on page 222 from Amaze Ink/SLG.  It's a bit overrated, but it's still massively fun.  SLG also has Rex Libris #8 on page 224.  I finally got around to reading the first seven issues, and let me tell you: what a fantastic comic!  This issue finds us in the middle of a storyline, however, so beware!  Agnes Quill is offered again.  Read my review here.

On page 229, Ape Comics has The Black Coat: Or Give Me Death #1, the next mini-series about the Revolutionary War mystery man.  The trade paperback of The Black Coat: Call to Arms is also offered.  That series was a highly entertaining book, and for 13 dollars, it's definitely worth a look.  I reviewed it here, in case you're wondering.

Garth Ennis is having some more fun at Avatar, and page 237 has a preview of Streets of Glory, a Western set in 1899.  You know it will be bloody and full of talk of honor and loyalty!  Mike Wolfer provides the art, which means it will be pretty.  Avatar's books are usually a bit pricey, but this is only 2 dollars because it's a preview.

Boom! Studios has its usual selection of interesting books, and on page 252 they have Station #1, a tale of a murder at the International Space Station.  Spooky!  Sounds neat.  They also have the trade paperback of Talent, which has been getting some good buzz.  Has anyone been buying the singles?  Is it worth a look? 

Speaking of Supreme, Checker Books has The Story of the Year and The Return in trade paperback!  What a coincidence!  What say you readers?  Even though issue #51 isn't great, is the entire run worth it?

Drawn & Quarterly shows up on page 289 with Exit Wounds, which tells a story of an Israeli trying to figure out if his father was killed by a suicide bomber.  This sounds very cool.

Fantagraphics has their usual selection of interesting stuff, including a couple of books by Gilbert Hernandez on page 292, and on page 294 they have Shadowland, which has gotten some very good press over the past few months.  Kim Deitch's stories are collected in a handy package, and it all sounds very bizarre.

On page 294, First Second continues its interesting publication schedule with The Professor's Daughter, which tells of a mummy who falls in love with a girl in Victorian London.  How can you go wrong???

A new company, General Jack Cosmo Productions, has General Jack Cosmo Presents #1 on page 298.  The text sounds wacky: "superhero bikers, monster-fighting cowboys, tuxedo-wearing barbarians, villainous gorillas, werewolves from Mars, telepathic mummies, zombies, aliens ..."  It could certainly suck big-time, especially if the creators think just putting that stuff in a comic is good enough, but it's 56 pages for $3.50, which makes it tempting!

For $75, the Fallen Angel collection (page 308) of the first 13 issues of the IDW series is a bit much, but if you've been not checking it out, here's a chance.  I'm sure it will be a nice package, at least!

Oni Press offers the trade paperback of The Damned on page 323, which, from what I've read of it, is really good.  If you've been waiting for the collected edition, here it is!  Also from Oni on page 324 is the Polly and the Pirates trade.  I heard nothing but good things about this series, so I'll be picking that up.  Three Strikes is offered on page 324, and although I would like to have an opinion on this, I don't, even though it was solicited back in August.  Maybe this time it will show up.  Another intersting item caught my eye - Tales of Ordinary Madness, by Malcolm Bourne and Mike Allred.  Remember Malcolm Bourne?  Probably the greatest letter-writer in comic book history!  I wonder if this is any good.

On page 352, Trafalgar Square has The Vesuvius Club, which sounds way cool.  In Edwardian England, someone is killing Britain's most prominent vulcanologists, and it's up to Lucifer Box - portraitist and secret agent - to find out who!  I know, I bet you didn't realize Edwardian England had even one prominent vulcanologist, much less more than one!  But it did, and someone is killing them!

The non-comics section gives us The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril on page 399, which sounds so cool I may explode.  Other Greg brought it up, and now it's offered in Previews!

Another good month in comics!  Go check out the scary sections in the back - you never know what you'll find!

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