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Flippin’ through Previews – January 2009

by  in Comic News Comment
Flippin’ through <i>Previews</i> – January 2009

It’s time for the monthly rite of passage through the monopolizing Bible of comic-book purchasing! Onward through Previews, brave travelers!

What’s going on on that cover? Dick is standing there looking menacing, and ignoring the fact that Jason appears to be attacking Tim with a knife. Or is Jason ignoring Tim, who appears to be ignoring the fact that Jason is attacking him with a knife, and going after someone off-panel? And if both Jason and Tim are springing into action against an off-panel foe, why is Dick standing there looking menacing and ignoring that? Oh dear.

On page 9-10, Previews shows us the fans’ art gallery. Usually I skim over them and ignore them, but this one caught my eye:

Yes, fans still love those impossibly hot lesbians about to get it on! Good to see!

And then, on page 20, we get this:


Dark Horse:

Page 38 gives us Wondermark vol. 2: Clever Tricks to Stave Off Death (6 May). You can find this on-line, but it’s more fun to read them in one volume. This is the kind of thing that if you find it funny, it’s hilarious, but if you don’t, it completely won’t work for you. I find it hilarious.

On page 40, Dark Horse is “re-mastering” The Amazon (11 March). This is an interesting comic by Steven Seagle and Tim Sale from 20 years ago. Check it out! Or find the back issues so you can check out the neat-o Comico logo on the cover and ads for The Fish Police in the interior.

Some strange people out there like The Goon, and on page 56, you can pick up the 10th anniversary issue, which is #32 (4 March). I really, really, really have tried to like The Goon. I love Powell’s art, but I just don’t like his writing. Sorry!


Simon Dark comes to an end on page 80 (11 March). That’s not surprising, but what is stunning is that it reached issue #18.

Remember how we can all tell that Mary Marvel is eeeeeeevvvvvvvilllllllll (page 90)? That’s right, panty shots:

Good girls wouldn’t let you see their unmentionables!

For 20 bucks, you can pick up a hardcover of Batman: Mad Love and Other Stories (page 97; 20 May). Apparently Mad Love is quite good, and the artists include Mike Parobeck and Matt Wagner, so why not check it out?

The DC Classics Library gives us a 40-dollar hardcover collecting the early issues of the Wein/Wrightson Swamp Thing (page 98; 27 May). Somewhere in southern California, Mike Sterling salivates a bit and prepares to buy these in at least the twelfth different format.

Another Showcase volume shows up on page 100, this one the first volume of Doom Patrol (8 April). It’s very good in color, but will probably still hold up well in black-and-white.

Page 105. Batman: The Brave and the Bold #3. 25 March. “President Batman.” Awesome.

V for Vendetta gets an Absolute Edition on page 119 for $99 (19 August – huh?). I would say this is totally worth it, but that’s a steep price. That’s why you get it on-line or wait for sales!

T. bangs on Jeph Loeb a whole lot, and most of it is deserved, but The Witching Hour isn’t all that bad, and DC has another printing of it on page 124 (1 April). Bachalo’s art isn’t perfect, because he was starting his really weird phase, but it’s still not bad. Certainly better than a lot of what Loeb has done.

I don’t often buy manga, because I’m such a tool, but on page 128, CMX offers a book about Genghis Khan, coolest man in history (22 April). 10 bucks for 194 pages! There will be mayhem!


I’m not sure if Killer of Demons (page 148; 4 March) will be any good (although it’s not a bad concept), but Scott Wegener provides the art, so you know it will look fantastic.

Invincible reaches issue #60 (page 154; 18 March), which is impressive, but what I’m weirded out by is Sara Pezzini’s costume. Is it just the way Ottley draws it, or has it always looked like hands cupping her breasts?

There’s a trade of the first five issues of Golly! on page 158 (18 March), in case you’ve been waiting for it. It’s a decent series, with lots of wacky redneck weirdness.


Is it just me, or do Wolverine’s legs look painfully askew in this cover (page 35)? I mean, he appears to be squatting uncomfortably on the toilet and what he’s waiting for just won’t come out! Poor Logan.

(You can see it much better here, and it still looks uncomfortable.)

I don’t buy the Marvel Adventures books (maybe I should), but the solicitations sound so much more fun and entertaining than those of the regular Marvel books. Check them out on pages 50-51: Dormammu finds a loophole in a legal contract that could let him back into our dimension; cartoon characters are pursued by their arch-nemesis and only the Fantastic Four can help them; a super-villain wants to test his new video game that will destroy New York and he uses Flash Thompson to play it; the Avengers and Nick Fury and the Howlin’ Commandos are trapped in time, fighting pterodactyls in modern London and visiting 4000 BC. That’s good stuff! Luckily, “real” Marvel books are more concerned with killing people.

On the War of Kings cover (page 58), my eyes are drawn constantly to Crystal’s breasts. It’s disturbing! Brandon Peterson is evil!

(Check out the unadulterated cover here.)

There’s a new special on page 71 in which Nightcrawler quits the X-Men. I always hate stories like that, because it shouldn’t be a big deal when someone “quits” the X-Men. Just let the characters go have a life for a while, and then bring them back when you feel like it. Kurt’s not dying, after all.

Lots of Omnibi this month: Every Millar Ultimates issue for $100 on page 80, and every Frubaker Iron Fist issue for $75 on age 81. You know you want them!

If you’ve been wanting to pick up one of the Top 100 runs and can’t find Starlin’s Adam Warlock stories, Marvel helpfully collects them in a Masterworks volume on page 85 for $55. How nice of them.

More Sienkiewicz New Mutants goodness on page 115, with the second trade collecting the rest of his run. 25 dollars is a bargain!

You know where we’re going next … the back of the book!!!!!

AiT/Planet Lar is celebrating 10 years in business, so order one of their books (page 208). Or go to their web site, see what else they have, and order something. If you haven’t bought Scurvy Dogs yet, I fear for your immortal soul!

Alterna Comics offers the second volume of American Terror: Confession of a Human Smart Bomb on page 210. The first volume wasn’t bad, and I’m looking forward to seeing the second.

On the same page, Amaze Ink/Slave Labor has Strongman, which, according to the solicitation text, wants us to imagine The Dark Knight Returns if Batman had been a luchidore. A masked Mexican wrestler, drinking himself to death, needs to stop an organ trafficking ring. Come on – that’s gold!

Of course you know I like detective/crime fiction, so I spotted Harker #1 on page 224 from Ariel Press. A grumpy chief detective gets involved in a murder that has the hallmarks of a crime from the Victorian age. What’s not to love?

Anna Mercury gets a trade paperback from Avatar on page 230. I’ve been skipping a lot of Avatar books recently, because they’ve been quite good at getting the books out in trade. So, is this worth it? What say the readers?

Avatar also gives us a few different versions of Crossed #1 and 2 (page 231). Apparently, it “ignited an Internet firestorm!” I wondered what those flames were attacking my computer!

More from Avatar! Jamie Delano shows up again with Rawbone #1 (page 232), a bloody pirate tale. I’m tempted, partly because Max Fiumara does the art. But I’ll probably wait for a trade.

If you’ve been wondering where Alan Grant is, he’s on page 234 with Channel Evil #1 from Berserker. A television talk show host accidentally unleashes evil on the world! Damn, that sucks.

Potter’s Field is back from Boom! Studios on page 242. It’s only a one-shot, so there’s very little long-term commitment on your part! Mark Waid also has a new four-issue mini-series starring The Incredibles on page 243. You know you want to check it out!

I’ve always wondered if Cla$$war would get collected, and now Com.X has it for $25 on page 246. That’s a bit steep, but I might take the plunge anyway.

Del Rey Manga, in conjunction with Marvel, is publishing a Wolverine manga and an X-Men manga on page 267. They might be interesting. Antony Johnston is writing the Wolverine one, and Raine Telgemeier and Dave Roman handle the X-Men one.

Over on page 269, Desperado Publishing has Pandora’s Box, a “sexy noir thriller” written by Si Spencer and drawn by John McCrea. Yay! John McCrea drawing something!

Drawn & Quarterly always has interesting stuff, and tucked away on the bottom of page 277 is The Bun Field, which sounds intriguing. Here’s just one plot point, from the solicit: A girl falls and breaks her tooth, has it replaced with a tooth from her dentist’s dog’s mouth, and repays him by plowing a field of buns. Plus, the writer/artist, Amanda Vähämäki, has three umlauts in her last name! That’s more umlaut action for your buck than you usually get!

Issue #5 of Tales Designed to Thrizzle is offered by Fantagraphics on page 282. Each issue is completely self-contained, so there’s no need to worry if you haven’t gotten the first four. Pick it up!

J. M. DeMatteis shows up on page 289 with The Life and Times of Savior 28 from IDW. It’s a superhero story in which the hero questions his mission, which is a common idea these days, but DeMatteis is a fine writer, so he might make it work.

I guess a bunch of people don’t like Ben Templesmith, but I do, and he provides 27 chapter illustrations for a version of Dracula that IDW is publishing on page 293. For 17 bucks, that’s not bad. I just got The New Annotated Dracula for Christmas, but I might get this too!

For 25 bucks, you can get the Fallen Angel Omnibus on page 296. It’s the first 21 issues of the series. Why they’re not collecting all 33 issues and charging, I don’t know, 35 dollars is odd, but who am I to second-guess?

Last Gasp is offering Tintin in the Congo (in black and white) on page 300. Racism, paternalism, colonialism – it’s all here!

Page 301 has Britten and Brülightly from Metropolitan Books. A private detective gets involved in a weird murder that makes him despair for humanity. There’s a longer description of it on page 278. It sounds really cool.

Chuck Dixon writes a new Airboy comic on page 302 from Moonstone. Dixon does some nice war stuff, so this might be worth checking out.

Ben Edlund doesn’t write or draw The Tick: Big Blue Destiny on page 303 from New England Comics, but according to the solicitation, it’s all approved by him! Who doesn’t love the Tick?

Wasteland reaches #25 (page 303, Oni Press) and Johnston and Mitten celebrate by producing a 48-page full color story. Holy cow! You know you want to buy this!

Voice of the Fire is back in print from Top Shelf on page 322. Is this as impenetrable as I hear?

I’m probably not going to get The New Justice Machine trade paperback that Transfuzion Publishing has on page 324, but it has art by Darryl Banks and Adam Hughes before they were stars, so that might be kind of keen to see.

Moving to the back of the back of the book, on page 348 we find two volumes of Girls of Gaming from Play magazine. It’s “more than just a pin-up book” and celebrates “gaming’s vast line-up of heroines, from the cute, to the sexy, and everything in-between!” The girls are “brought to life through CGI renders, concept artwork, and commissioned and exclusive original artwork.” I don’t know, but this feels creepy.

Speaking of creepy, let’s end this post with a book on page 362:

Let the dead eyes haunt you!

Have fun making your way through Previews this month!

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