Flippin' through <i>Previews</i> - August 2010

Can you stand the suspense?!?!?!?

I should point out that the back cover shows copy for Spider-Girl #1, which isn't actually offered in this month's Previews, as it won't be around until November. Odd, that.

Dark Horse:

On page 38, we find Beasts of Burden/Hellboy ... the crossover! Jill Thompson mentioned this to me at the con, and boy howdy, was I excited about it. And now it's here! Come on - it's Mignola and Dorkin writing, and Thompson painting the animals and Hellboy! I know I'm sold! (27 October)

The Guild gets a trade on page 46. I didn't buy this in single issues, but I'll have to consider the trade. Here I am, considering ... (8 December)

Frank Frazetta's White Indian gets a hardcover on page 54. As I am a young'un with no respect for history, I have never heard of this, but I just love the title! It's ... well, it's something. (1 December)


I try very hard to be positive when I write about comics, because it's kind of useless being so negative, but some things get my goat. J. T. Krul's continued employment by DC (he's the new writer on Teen Titans, page 64) and now Tyler Kirkham getting work on Green Lantern Corps (page 68) are two of those things. Really, DC? (27 October and 20 October)

Those people who think a certain God of All Comics never gets paired with artists who are truly able to translate his genius onto the page won't be happy with Batman: The Return on page 79, with David Finch on art. What all these people fail to consider is that, if G-Mozz is as powerful at DC as he seems to be, wouldn't he be able to choose his artists? So maybe he really likes the artists he's paired with? Chew on that, haters!!!!!! (27 October)

Knight and Squire by Paul Cornell on page 80: Yeah, I'm there. (13 October)

I don't know when the Bernie Wrightson Batman story was "lost," but I think I'll be picking up Batman: Hidden Treasures (page 81) to read it. Especially with Kevin Nowlan on inks. (6 October)

I know that J. Michael Straczynski wrote the script to Superman #704 (page 84) before issue #701 came out, I wonder if the critical excoriation it's taken because Superman can't fly a dude having a heart attack to the hospital is making him reconsider doing a child abuse story. Unless that kid has a black eye for some other reason. I predict ... train wreck!!!!! (13 October)

JLA/The 99 (page 93): Weirdest crossover ever? (27 October)

The "DC Comics Presents" comics are kind of interesting. There's the Warren Ellis school shooting story, of course (page 98), plus a bunch of other stuff that, in some cases inexplicably, have never been collected. Why hasn't the Superman stuff (page 99) been collected? Or the Batman stuff (page 100)? In fact, the Vertigo thing is the only one where it makes "sense" that it wasn't collected, because of the controversy. Did DC not collect the Brubaker Batman stuff because they were in a snit that he jumped to Marvel? DC is weird.

The Manhunter back-up stories from Batman: The Streets of Gotham get collected on page 103. Is this the first back-up feature from the new wave of $3.99-books to get collected? And was this any good? (24 November)

I don't know how I missed Two-Step when it first came out, but DC is collecting it on page 117. Warren Ellis + Amanda Conner? Come on, that's gold, Jerry! (17 November)

Why is DC soliciting Fables #100 a month early? (Page 122, 24 November)

Sean Murphy is drawing a Hellblazer mini-series (page 125). I think I shall buy that. But maybe in trade? (13 and 27 October)


Darwyn Cooke's new Parker adaptation, The Outfit, shows up on page 140. You might want to get this. I mean, the art alone is probably worth the price!

Page 154 has Classic Jurassic Park, volume 1 by Walt Simonson (?), Gil Kane (??), and George Perez (???). That's ... something. Topps was really chucking the money around in the early 1990s, weren't they?

The Coffin is back in print on page 161. This is Phil Hester and Mike Huddleston's creepy horror comic. It's not quite as good as Deep Sleeper, but it's still pretty keen. This has some extra stuff, if you already own it.


There's a new printing of Mage: The Hero Discovered on page 178. Forty bucks for 15 hard-to-find issues? Sounds good. Maybe I'll finally start getting into Mage now. (6 October)

Speaking of new printings, there's a new one of Pax Romana on page 182. It's a pretty good read. Red Mass for Mars is actually getting a trade, now that the extremely late final issue has shipped! It's a Hickmanonanza! (13 October)


Man, I really want to get the new Uncanny X-Force (page 5). Remender and Opeña and Psylocke! Whoo-hoo! But it also looks so very grim-n-gritty, and who wants that? Oh, and "uncanny," Marvel? Really? Are you really running out of adjectives that quickly?

You know, for the past few years I've been unable to sleep. Why, you ask? BECAUSE CARNAGE IS NOT PART OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE!!!!!!! Thank all that's good and holy that Marvel rectified that situation (page 6). Yay, Carnage! It's like the Nineties never ended!

I've been taking Kaare Andrews to task for his covers on Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis, but damn if issue #5 (page 7) doesn't have what might be the best cover of the year:

Everyone's favorite European, Pedro, takes me to task for not getting more Soleil books. All right, sir, on page 12 we get Prometheus by Christophe Bec. It sounds like a very intriguing story of the Apocalypse. Have you read it, and is it any good? Step up, man!

So I guess, given the solicit to Amazing Spider-Man #647 (page 23), that the three-times-a-month schedule for that book just didn't work. I think they're going to twice-monthly, right? That seems ... odd.

As much as I like Ms. Amanda Conner, the variant cover for Secret Avengers #6 (page 26) is terrible:

I mean, it's a funny idea, but the execution ... blech.

I know others have probably made a similar joke, but man, what did Spidey have for dinner for that to come out?

One reason why superhero comics kind of bum me out is because of their repetitive nature. Witness Fantastic Four #584 - Ben Grimm becomes human again. Really? Yawn. I mean, it might be a fabulous story, but it just doesn't interest me at all. Because every writer, it seems, turns Ben human again. So who cares?

Here's another great cover, courtesy of Rafael Grampa (page 75):

You know what the world needs? Another Deadpool series! Yay! And this time, it's Deadpoolmax (page 76)! Of course, it's David Lapham and Kyle Baker, so it just might be twisted enough to work, but stilll ... more Deadpool?

It's time to move on, so let's bid farewell to the normal stuff and venture to the weird stuff. Weird, but awesome!

SLG shows up on page 218 with Pinocchio Vampire Slayer volume 2: The Great Puppet Theater. The first volume starring Pinocchio and his vampire-killing nose was surprisingly good, so I'm keen to see more.

On page 224, Archaia offers the hardcover trade of Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard. Granted, only two issues have come out so far, but I can still recommend it!

David Lapham and Gianluca Pagliarani are giving us a 3-D Crossed graphic novel, out from Avatar. I'm not going to buy this, but I am perversely curious to see it.

So Boom! Studios is bringing us the Publishing Event of the Year! over on page 247 with the release of Soldier Zero. This is the Stan Lee thing, in case you're wondering, but I'm unsure what Stan has to do with it. Did he just throw out a half-formed idea and let Paul Cornell run with it? The solicit text doesn't mention anything about what Stan did, just that the character is his. So what's his involvement?

If you've been wanting more Lady Death in your life, Boundless Comics has a new ongoing series on page 251! Rejoice!!!!

Despite this cover ...

I'm keen on the new Warlord of Mars series from Dynamite Entertainment (page 255). It's by Arvid Nelson and Stephen Sadowski, so it should be pretty keen. Plus, it's only a dollar. The other covers are a bit better, but that one ... man.

Speaking of Warren Ellis and Amanda Conner (and I was, up above), Dynamite also has their work on Vampirella collected on page 262. I ask again: is this any good? I have no desire to read a Vampirella comic, but I'm willing to see what's what!

On page 284, Flesk Publications is offering Xenozoic: The Complete Collection for 40 bucks. Xenozoic is one of those comics I've heard a lot about but never read or even seen. Here, I suppose, is my chance.

The Martian Confederacy: From Mars With Love is offered on page 290 from Girl Twirl Comics. The first volume was pretty good, and it's always fun to read Jason McNamara's writing and see Paige Braddock's drawing, so you might want to check both volumes out!

I have no clue if Fluorescent Black from Heavy Metal is any good, but I saw the name Nathan Fox attached to the art portion and now I'm intrigued. The preview pages at Heavy Metal's web site look pretty keen. Anyone know anything about the story?

I don't know if I'm on board with the Kickstart Comics books on page 294, but the idea behind the company is pretty cool. The Mothership has a nice article/interview about it. Of the three offerings, Rift Raiders by Mark Sable and Julian Totino Tedesco sounds the best.

Scott Chantler of, among other things, Northwest Passage fame returns with Two Generals from McClelland & Stewart on page 297. Of books by Chantler, I've only read Northwest Passage, but dang, was that good, so I'm on board with this, which tells the story of two young men at D-Day.

I wasn't aware there was going to be a second volume of Miss Don't Touch Me, but there it is on page 299 from NBM. The first volume was quite good, so I'll have to check this one out! Who doesn't love comics about high-class Parisian call girls in the 1930s?

Charles Burns has a new book out, the first volume of a longer series called X'ed Out from Pantheon Books on page 305. It sounds ... well, really freaky. Of course - it's Charles Burns! When you get Burns influenced by Burroughs, things are going to get strange. And it's in full color!

Hmmm ... that's weird. I was zipping through the back of the book, finding all sorts of cool stuff, and then I hit "P" and all the really interesting stuff ... just stopped. There's a lot after that, but nothing that leapt out at me. However, in the book section, I did see that Jake Bell, the notorious mixmaster, has the third volume of The Amazing Adventures of Nate Banks coming out on page 342 from Scholastic, Inc. The first two volumes were charming, kid-friendly superhero books, and I can't imagine this one will be any different ... unless Jake got bored and decided to have Nate Banks rape his way across Kanigher Falls. That would be odd.

On page 344, Greg Rucka has another Queen & Country novel, The Last Run from Bantam. It bugs me that he mixes the novels with the comics, but I guess doing the novels is a better money-making deal than doing the comics. Burgas sad!

Also on page 344, Sequart has Minutes to Midnight: Twelve Essays on Watchmen, which features pieces by smarter-than-I-am bloggers Chad Nevett and Tim Callahan. Read their essays and feel your IQ expand (the exact opposite of what happens when you read something I write, like this very post!)!

Phew! Okay, now I'm done. Always remember to scour Previews for the good stuff. B-E A-GG-R-E-SS-I-V-E!!!!

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