Flippin' through <i>Previews</i> - August 2006

So Previews came out a few weeks ago, but I only got my copy yesterday. Fret not, though - you still have a little time to order some good stuff!

Okay, Previews Vol. XVI, #8, with a Star Wars comic on the cover. What do we have?

Dark Horse Comics:

Page 18 has Conan #33, which is Tim Truman's first as the writer. I've only read a few things by Truman, but this seems like his kind of book. I buy Conan in trades, but if you're interested in starting somewhere, this might be the place!

The Perhapanauts are back on page 22. I liked the last mini-series but thought it was a bit all over the place. Maybe this will be more focused. It's a fun book, for the most part, and can be very interesting.

Scarlet Traces: The Great Game concludes on page 25. Then I can read the whole thing!

I will keep flogging Rex Mundi until I die. Well, it will probably finish before I die, but still. Issue #2 is solicited on page 30. Of course, this is really issue #21, but only the second from Dark Horse.

Who would buy the Princess Leia-in-a-bikini statue (some assembly required) on page 48 for $99.99? If you would, stop reading now and go throw yourself off a tall building. Do us all some good.

DC Comics:

Has anyone noticed there are a lot of black and white covers in the DC section? What does this mean? Have the cover artists gotten behind just like regular artists? This demands an investigation!

Gee, All Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder #6 has been re-solicited on page 61. That's a shock.

Gee, J. H. Williams III is not the artist on Detective Comics #824 on page 63. That's a shock.

I've been buying the Gotham Central trades, because they're good (another one is offered on page 66), but can anyone tell me what's in the missing issues? Is it just crossover crap I don't need to worry about, or something that will be collected at some point?

It's interesting that on page 77, Crimson Fox appears on the cover on Green Lantern #15 but isn't mentioned as a guest star on in the solicitation text. One wonders if she actually appears in the comic, or if Van Sciver is just fucking with us.

No nipples on Hawkgirl (page 79)! Alert the media!

That Michael Turner JLA cover on page 81 is God-awful. Really. Isn't Red Tornado an android? Why do robots in comic books have such ripped pecs and abs? Shouldn't they be smooth?

I have a comment and a question about The Omega Men #1 on page 83. It actually looks like a pretty neat title, but that tiger guy (Tigorr, right?) - how the hell does he smoke a cigar in the vacuum of space? And the artist is Henry Flint, not Flint Henry. That's weird. What are the odds of two comic book artists named Flint Henry and Henry Flint? Did the second guy change his name to sound more like Flint Henry? Their art even looks similar.

Seven Soldiers #1 is solicited. Again. Yeah, I'll believe it when it's in my hands.

Tales of the Unexpected #1 claims that "strange forces threaten to tear asunder the very fabric of the DCU's past, present, and future!" Jesus H., didn't they just do that? How many freakin' times are they going to tear asunder the very fabric of the DCU's past, present, and future? Isn't anyone at DC saying to Dan "God complex? Me?" DiDio, "Uh, Dan, we just got done tearing it asunder. Can't it stay unsundered for now? Just for a little while?"

The Other Side #1 on page 123 looks interesting. Cameron Stewart is a good artist, and the Vietnam War is always fun for a source of fiction. The writer, Jason Aaron, is a "rookie sensation." Who did he sleep with to get the job???

Image Comics:

Gødland is back (page 140)! How awesome.

Noble Causes reaches issue #25 (page 141), and although it hasn't been as strong the past couple issues as previously, this looks like a good place for new readers to start. It's double-sized and goes into the past and future of the family. Check it out if you haven't already!

Hawaiian Dick: The Last Resort gets collected in a trade paperback on page 146. If you were waiting the two years for the four issues to come out, here's your chance. It's a good read, and you won't have to wait that long to get to the finish!

Speaking of collections, Waterloo Sunset gets collected on page 148. This is a very interesting and a bit confusing series about something weird that happened to London in the near future, and the art by Trevor Goring is very nice. It will read much better as a coherent whole.

Please don't buy Lost action figures and give Todd McFarlane even more money. I love Lost, but an "action"" figure of Charlie sitting on the beach (page 163)? That's just dumb.

Marvel Comics:

Okay, so we all know Greg Land simply traces porn stars, right? I mean, he used to be a decent artist, but now it's all airbrushed girls from magazines. Now, in Ultimate Power #1 (page eight), we actually have Johnny and Ben fantasizing about fighting the bad guys because they're all hot girls. So Bendis is basically acknowledging that you're buying this comic simply for the hot girls. Wouldn't it be easier to download porn?

"Who is Ultimate Cable?" asks the text for Ultimate X-Men #75 on page 12, with another heinous Michael Turner cover. "Who the fuck cares?" is the response from those people who hate non-Ultimate Cable. Of course I'm buying this, but only because I hope Kirkman does something to make Cable less of one of the worst characters in Marvel history.

Why did they cancel Spider-Girl and just start it again with a #1 issue (page 17)? Do they really think more people are going to buy it? I'm just wondering.

The Irredeemable Ant-Man looks like fun (page 23). Yet another Kirkman book, plus Hester art, which I like. And he's the world's worst superhero! How can you go wrong?

Hey, check it out! It's another awful Michael Turner cover on page 29!

Let's hit the back of Previews!

On page 222, Amaze Ink/Slave Labor gives us Agnes Quill, which is an anthology of stories about a teenage detective who lives in a haunted town. This might be interesting, and it's only $10.95. On page 223 we get Midnight Sun #2 for $2.95. Ben Towle was a bit disappointed by my review (he did say nice things about it, but he was still disappointed), but my point was that it was slow, not that it was bad. It's a five-part series, and I'm sure when it's collected it will read very well, but I don't wait for no damned collections!

Archaia Studios has some cool stuff on page 232. First we have The Killer, which sounds very neat. I'm not entirely sure if they can get 10 issues out of it unless it goes beyond a killer waiting in the shadows for his next target, but it looks cool. Underneath that is Mouse Guard #5. If you're not buying Mouse Guard, you better be waiting for the trade, because I just don't know what I'm going to do with you if you don't think this series is for you. And underneath that the Robotika trade is solicited. Robotika is very weird and neat, with a bizarre futuristic story and absolutely stunning art. The story gets a bit strange in the last issue, and the trade is 20 bucks, but I guarantee it's worth at least 15 dollars for the art alone. So that only leaves 5 dollars that the story has to be worth!

You know, I like Boom! Studios, but the solicitation text for Talent on page 258 leaves me a bit ... annoyed. It reads, "Check out the series that ignited a five-way Hollywood studio bidding war!" Is that all comics are? Ready-made screenplays? They're not the only company to do this, but this is what they're using as an advertisement. It's kind of annoying. However, they have Enigma Cipher #2 on page 259, as well as Planetary Brigade: Origins #2. I'm waiting on the trade for Talent, because it does look neat.

I'm torn about Highlander #1 on page 266 from Dynamite Entertainment. On the one hand, Highlander is a great movie. On the other hand, Highlander 2: The Quickening is so hilariously bad the movie people have pulled a DC/Marvel move and retconned it out of continuity, which I think is awesome. The story here sounds intriguing, and I would have said Lee Moder on art is a plus, except I saw Lee Moder's art on the recent Painkiller Jane book and it was, to make an unfunny pun, painful. What the hell happened to Lee Moder? Anyway, I'm still mulling this one over. I'm still on board with Lone Ranger #2 on page 267, even though issue #1 hasn't shipped yet.

On page 288 Action Philosophers! brings us "It's All Greek to Me!" The latest issue was supposed to be out already, so it's possible Fred van Lente and Ryan Dunleavy are a bit behind, but I cannot stress enough that you must order this book. If you pre-order nothing else, you must order this book. This is probably the best comic book out there right now. Seriously. What are you waiting for? Order it now!

On page 295 Hard Boiled Comics #1 sees the light of day. You may remember this - Cronin liked it, and so did I (sorry, my pictures of the book went away because I'm dumb). I'm still trying to think of a good name for the letter column, because if you name it, you get a guest appearance in issue #4 - and you get killed! Whoo-hoo!

The Supermarket trade comes to us on page 305 from IDW. I'm hoping the fourth issue comes out before that. I liked the first two issues, and haven't read the third, but it's a fun book. I'm not sure if it's worth the 18 dollars, though.

I doubt if I will get the Nocturnals hardcover on page 323 from Olympian Publishing, but it does look pretty cool. It's kind of spendy, though - 30 dollars? Wow.

Oni Press has some good stuff, as usual. Wasteland #4 might be out (page 323) and The Damned #1 (page 328), with Brian Hurtt art, looks interesting. Demon families controlling organized crime in the 1920s? Why wouldn't it be good? Also on page 328, Three Strikes is offered for $14.95. I liked DeFilippis and Weir's last outing, Past Lies, and it's Hurtt on art again.

On page 331 Rebellion gives us Ian Edginton and D'Israeli's Leviathan, which first appeared in 2000 AD. It's the story of an ocean liner that mysteriously disappeared in 1928. Twenty years later a police detective begins searching for it. I have not been disappointed by anything these two gentlemen have done together recently, so this will be cool to see something older by them.

Coming soon from Top Shelf, you can get your very own Owly plush toy for $19.95 (page 360). If you buy one and send it to me, I'll make a video of me destroying it and post it right here! Okay, maybe not - I would give this to my four-year-old. But it would still be fun to destroy it! Also on page 360 we have a new printing of Blankets. I know everyone gets all mushy over Blankets, and I haven't read the whole thing, but whenever I flip through it and read sections of it in the book store I start to snooze. And the solicitation text says it's a "coming-of-age" story. God, not another one. I'm not ordering this, but is there any reason for me to buy it? Really?

Virgin Comics has Seven Brothers #1 on page 365. This looks kind of neat, because it doesn't exactly look like the typical Garth Ennis book. I'm sure we'll have plenty of ultra-violence, but it also looks like it might have some other neat elements. I'll have to check out at least the first issue.

Finally, Viper Comics has the final issue of A Dummy's Guide to Danger on page 365. The text says that Alan found his love interest in a bathtub with one less kidney. Last week I said I would be grumpy if Burns menaced Teri, the female reporter who I suppose is the love interest they speak of. And now it looks like it has come to pass. So I'm torn. Should I buy this and hope a kidney is all she loses, and if she dies, rip it to shreds? Or should I bail on it now? I'm probably going to get it, but Jason M. Burns better look out for my wrath if he takes the easy way out! These kinds of decisions keep me up at night.

So that's another month in the books. Yes, I know that I skipped a lot. That's just the way it is! I hope I helped some of you find something besides the latest issue of Flash to keep you happy in your comic book buying. And just remember: if you must pre-order only one book, make it Action Philosophers! I promise you will not be disappointed.

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