'Flight' artist spreads his wings with 'Jellybots'

After years of working on anthologies and as a concept artist, Nicholas Kole is looking to make a name for himself ... with jelly.

The Rhode Island artist recently launched Jellybots, a webcomic about a boy named Sam who's enrolled by his family in a prestigious school called the Frontier Academy. Not much else is known about the series, given that it's just six pages into its run, but the concept material and pin-up art show Sam interacting with supernatural, whimsical and fluid jellyfish.

Although Kole isn't a household name among comics readers, he has an impressive track record of eye-opening work, including the recent Curse of Maleficent illustrated tie-in to the Disney film. It's still early on, but Kole's Jellybots looks like it could be just the thing for readers to grab onto this artist's work.

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