"Flex Mentallo" Gets Collected

Longtime fans of the award-winning collaborative team of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely received great news today when Vertigo announced that the duo's four-issue miniseries "Flex Mentallo" will be collected for the first time ever and released this Fall as a Deluxe Edition Hardcover.

A spinoff of Morrison's infamous run on "Doom Patrol" -- the character first appeared in issue #42 of the acclaimed Vertigo series -- "Flex Mentallo" saw legal woes for years after the Charles Atlas Company brought a lawsuit against DC Comics for trademark infringement of their "Man out of Mac" advertisements. While DC ultimately won the suit due to the Fair Use aspect of modern copyright law, the publishing company declined to reprint the series -- until now, that is.

An exact release date for the hardcover has not been given as of yet, nor a definite price tag. However, while the existence of a hardcover collection of the series alone would likely placate many fans, Vertigo's blog Graphic Content promises the inclusion of extra bonus materials along with the four issues.

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