A Tale of Faith, Courage and Honor in Fleeing Darkness

This is "Went to Tell Everybody," where I spotlighted different cool independent comic book series based on submissions from the indie comic book creators themselves via a set Q & A with the creators themselves. Essentially, the creators speak for their own work and "Went to Tell Everybody" will give them a place to do so!

This is a ostensibly an ongoing weekly feature, so if you would like to see your work spotlighted, as well, there's no time limit or anything like that. So you can submit at any time. It's not a first come/first serve thing, ya know? However, sending your comic in isn't a guarantee that I'll run a spotlight on it. I'm not gonna just promote anything on here, ya know? So if we go a while without an edition of this feature, it is because I don't have something that I'm okay with putting my name on a spotlight of it. Click here for the current submission guidelines.

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Today we look at a tale of a Christian missionary trying to save his family and friends in 1940s North Korea in Fleeing Darkness.

Here is the website for Fleeing Darkness.

What is your comic about?

As the threat of war rises, an established American community in the capital of North Korea are forced to evacuate. Unfortunately, all of the Korean born members must be left behind to endure what was coming. No one was prepared for the savage communist takeover. A story of courage, faith, and honor of one who desperately tries to lead his family and friends out of the war-stricken city of Pyongyang. It's based on True Events

What made you choose to use the comic book medium for this story?

I am an avid comic book collector and writing enthusiast. However, I am also a Christian and their are not a lot of comics for that audience.

What aspect of your comic are you most proud about?

I am very proud that their are so many great people that worked together to make it happen. The diversity on the team is amazing. Seeing what you write come to life is amazing.

What's the one piece of philosophy and/or advice that has informed your comic book work the most?

The Bible is the most informative source not only for this comic book but for me as well. The characters reflect the daily struggles between a Christian and staying true to God's Word.

One comic that I would like to tell everybody about?

Again, if you're interested in Viva La Villain King, you can check out the site for the book here.

And of course, once again, if you're interested in seeing YOUR independent comic book spotlighted in this feature, click here for the current submission guidelines.

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