FLCL: Progressive Finally Comes to DVD This October

Adult Swim’s FLCL: Progressive, the six-episode sequel to one of the most off the wall anime ever created, FLCL, is finally heading to DVD this October. Progressive completed airing on Adult Swim last year, wrapping up the series on July 7, 2018.

FLCL: Progressive focuses on the travails of Hidomi and Ide, two classmates who are introduced to "Jinyu" and "Haruha Raharu," otherworldly beings looking to unlock their powers. The series saw the protagonists once again going up against Medical Mechanica, the antagonist of the original series.

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FLCL, which first debuted in 2000, followed a middle schooler named Naota Nandaba whose small-town life was upended by the arrival of a mysterious, Vespa-rising stranger, Haruko Haruhara. The series was a critical hit and won numerous awards, including winning third place for Best Animation Film at the Fantasia Festival in 2003, as well as Best Comedy Series and Best Short Series at the American Anime Awards in 2007.

The DVD set will include two featurettes: a "Meet the Creators" interview and a segment about how the band The Pillows became involved in the series.

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The sequel takes place years after the events of FLCL, revealing that the war between Medical Mechanica and Fraternity is still being waged in the depths of the galaxy. It’s not long before Hidomi discovers that she might be the key to ending the conflict and saving her home. Naturally, Haruko has donned another disguise and is there to ease her along.

FLCL: Progressive hits DVD on Oct. 1.

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