"Flash's" Sears Shows How Much Jay Garrick's Changed Over Six Months

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for "King Shark," the most recent episode of "The Flash."

If you saw this week's episode of "The Flash," then you learned the truth about Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears). Spoiler alert -- he's actually Zoom, the menacing, black-clad speedster that's been tormenting Team Flash all season long. Well, actually Jay Garrick is Hunter Zolomon who is actually Zoom -- don't worry, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg has assured viewers that it's all going to make sense.

Actor Teddy Sears now has the honor of playing at least two, possibly four (or more?) different versions of Jay Garrick on "The Flash," and he commemorated the major shift in his role on the show with a post to his Instagram. Six months ago, Sears posted a teaser image of his hand holding Jay Garrick's Golden Age Flash helmet.

Golden age.

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Yesterday, the actor updated the shot, showing off his hand -- wearing Zoom's creepy black glove -- holding Garrick's helmet.

Well, this is a complication...

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Further details about the connection between Zoom, Hunter Zolomon and Jay Garrick will be revealed when "The Flash" returns to the CW on March 22.

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