Flash's Iris West Expresses Concern Over Director's Exit

When the news dropped that Rick Famuyiwa, the then-director of the “Flash” film, had left the project due to creative differences, it was a bit surprising. Obviously, it’s hit the cast of the film even harder -- and now one of the stars of the film has publicly expressed concerns over the departure.

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Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Kiersey Clemons, who will play Iris West in the film, and was recruited by Famuyiwa himself, remarked on Famuyiwa's exit, calling it “very upsetting."

"Rick was one of the main reasons I wanted to do the movie," Clemons said. "So him not being a part of it is obviously very upsetting to me."

Still, even with the director leaving, Clemons seems to be staying on board with the film, as she noted that all she can do is “give it up to the gods” and “see what happens” as far as another director is concerned.

Clemons had worked with Famuyiwa before (starring in the 2015 film “Dope”), and has since grown quite a resume for herself. While many might read her concern as a sign she might quit, the actress has expressed that she's still excited about her portrayal of the comic book journalist and love interest of Barry Allen. “Ezra and I are going to do what we promised to do from the beginning. No matter who the director is, I am going to do what I think Iris should be.”

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“The Flash” is currently scheduled to release on March 16, 2018.

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