"Flash's" Amell Dishes on Deathstorm's Nasty Streak and a 'Heartbreaking Death'

Whether it's as Ronnie Raymond on "The Flash," "The Tomorrow People's" Stephen Jameson, or "The Duff's" Wesley, Robbie Amell has mastered the kindhearted, tortured hero routine. However, someone obviously revoked his good-guy card for his role as Deathstorm on "The Flash." The sadistic Earth-2 doppelganger of Firestorm, Deathstorm and Killer Frost, Earth-2's Caitlin Snow, get their kicks out of bringing about death and destruction. At the end of last week's "Fast Lane," Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon prepared to journey to the alternate Earth to aid Harrison Wells in saving his daughter from Zoom. That noble act will place the trio in Deathstorm's line of fire.

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Ahead of tonight's all-new episode "Welcome to Earth-2," Amell spoke to CBR News about taking a walk on the dark side with Deathstorm, his dynamic with Killer Frost and killing a major character. In addition, Amell opened up about why he's Mulder 2.0 on "The X-Files" and his desire to play Batman.

CBR News: We know Firestorm, but who is Deathstorm and what is his shtick on Earth-2?

Robbie Amell: Essentially, Deathstorm is Firestorm, if he were a bad guy. Dr. [Martin] Stein doesn't get to share the body. He's trapped. It's all Ronnie/Deathstorm, and he's mean.

Earth-2's Caitlin Snow looks nothing like her counterpart. In what ways have they changed up Robbie/Firestorm's appearance and power levels?

I honestly don't know about visually yet. I haven't seen the episode. There was talk about a different color of flame, but that may be too expensive. His power level is very much the same. But, when you're a bad guy, you don't play by the same rules.

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What is the dynamic like between Deathstorm and Killer Frost?

I like to think of them as the Bonnie and Clyde of metahumans.

What brings Deathstorm into conflict with Barry Allen and how does he respond to having another Flash on this world?

Deathstorm and Killer Frost work for Reverb [AKA Cisco Ramon] on Earth-2, who works for Zoom. We're super-powered henchmen. When Barry comes into enemy territory, we get to have some fun.

Deathstorm ultimately kills someone important to the show. How did you find out about that development and what was your reaction?

It's awesome to get to kill a character, but not have to worry about someone losing their job. That's the fun with multiple Earths. You get to meet new versions of the same people on the show you love. You get to experience losing them without the major consequences -- sometimes, anyway.

In the comic books, one of Deathstorm's victims was transformed from living human into a mineral. Are there any nods to that death? How brutal and heartbreaking is the casualty fans will see tonight?

Not yet. We still haven't worked matter manipulation into the show. Hopefully in the future. It's a pretty heartbreaking death.

In the majority of your roles, you play the good-hearted character. What was fun about being evil for a change?

It was awesome. Danielle [Panabaker] and I had talked about it for a while and were very excited to get the script. You get to play more of a character as a bad guy on Earth-2 and be a little bigger and put on a little more of a show.

Beyond your work in the CW's DC TV universe, you've made it no secret that you would love to play Batman. What about that character, especially the "Batman Beyond" version, speaks to you?

I've always loved Batman. Actually before I can remember anything, I remember loving Batman. I can't tell you what it was when I was a kid, but as an adult, I like the balance of Bruce and Batman. Being a playboy billionaire, saving Gotham, a broken man who lost his parents and Batman himself -- there are so many levels to play with. And, essentially, he's just a man. No powers. It makes it feel more grounded to me.

"Batman Beyond" got my attention because a friend said I looked like Terry McGinnis. I checked it out and loved it. It was a nice, new take on a property I've enjoyed for so many years.

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Next up, you are appearing in "The X-Files" revival miniseries. What was the audition process like and how shrouded in secrecy was it?

I got back from shooting "Nine Lives" in Montreal on a Thursday. I had four pages of audition sides I read for Chris Carter on Saturday and was booked on the show by Tuesday. I knew nothing about the new season other than I was going to be a Mulder-type new agent at the FBI.

Introduce us to your character, Agent Miller. What makes him different -- or similar -- from Scully and Mulder?

Agent Miller is definitely more of a Mulder-type. My character spent time with the Bureau in Afghanistan and is now working locally. He picks up on a possible terror threat, but needs help from Mulder and Scully to take his investigation deeper.

How are we introduced to him and where does he fit into the X-Files case?

Agent Miller is seeking help with a case. His partner, Agent Einstein, is a medical doctor like Scully. She's not giving him the support he needs, so he seeks the help of Mulder and Scully.

"The Flash" airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW. "The X-Files" airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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