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Flashpoint: Green Arrow Industries #1

by  in Comic Reviews Comment
Flashpoint: Green Arrow Industries #1

Some of the “Flashpoint” spin-offs have felt integral to the overall story. Some of them aren’t quite so connected, but at least somewhat amusing. And then we’ve got “Flashpoint: Green Arrow Industries,” which has an interesting cover and the good grace to be a one-shot, but that’s all it really has going for it.

I’m not sure what Pornsak Pichetshote was thinking would be an interesting hook for readers when it came to “Flashpoint: Green Arrow Industries.” Oliver Queen as a jerk? Oliver Queen fighting for his life against a character we’ve never seen before and whom has no immediate, interesting quality about her? Or a random killing of another hero that, like almost everything else in “Flashpoint,” won’t carry over?

None of those are interesting, of course. The opening page of the comic shows a glimmer of hope as Oliver Queen explains how he’s been raiding super-villain technologies to build his weaponry, but that’s about it. Beyond that, it’s a massive fight scene which manages to both be dull, and also make the reader somehow even less interested in the character with each passing page. (When you’re hoping the protagonist suddenly dies because it will mean the comic might end, that’s a bad sign.) When one of the big twists of your comic is that the Flashpoint Oliver Queen can’t fire a bow and arrow (and we’re told this over and over again), well, it makes you yearn for the “can’t sink a basketball” running joke involving Shaquille O’Neil in the movie “Steel.”

Marco Castiello draws the first five pages of the comic before handing it over to Ig Guara, but neither artist is remarkable here. Visually the only moment that sticks is seeing the assassin’s leg stretch inhumanly long (it’s not supposed to do) as she stands in a strange yoga pose while shooting arrows. Which trust me, is not something any archer worth a dollar would even bother with.

Ultimately, there’s nothing original or of note here. “Flashpoint” has turned out some fun mini-series and one-shots so far, but “Flashpoint: Green Arrow Industries” is not one of them. This is, in many ways, a new definition of a pointless comic.