"Flashpoint" Creators Reveal Story Details

In the weeks of its buildup on "Flashpoint Fridays," DC Comics incoming "Flashpoint" mini series and many, many tie-in comics has been locked down tight on story details. Today, the publisher released some word on the underpinnings of the alternate reality's story in a post on its The Source blog with many of the creators behind the tie-ins to Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert's main story sharing their thoughts on various aspects of the event.

"Dan DiDio first started talking about it when we were putting together the 'Time Masters: Vanishing Point' project," explained writer/artist Dan Jurgens who kicks off the tie-ins with May 18's "Booster Gold" #44 one week after "Flashpoint" #1 hits. "He was quite clear when he said, "Let's start with a search for Bruce Wayne and transition to a teaser for 'Flashpoint.' Between that and 'The Flash,' we wanted to give the readers a taste of what was to come."

And it appears that the co-publisher and his partner at the top of DC did more recruiting as last year's con season rolled on. "I first heard about it when Dan DiDio and Jim Lee were in London last year. I thought then that it sounded like a really interesting concept - I particularly liked the opportunity to put a spin on some characters that have lain dormant for a while," said Peter Milligan, the writer behind June 1's "Secret Seven" series.

Of course, Didio and Lee weren't alone in signing on creators for the "Flashpoint" undertaking. Scott Snyder agreed to co-writer "Project Superman" due to "the story and subsequent world Geoff came up with. Period. As soon as he told us the story, I was in." And DC editor turned writer Adam Schlagman explained, "I was signed on from day one. Coming out of 'Blackest Night,' Geoff was already hard at work developing the next universe spanning epic event...'Flashpoint.' The massive project centers around an emotional tale featuring The Flash and Batman. But surrounding it is what happens to the DC Universe when everything changes in a flash. I've crafted a tale in which 'Flashpoint: Abin Sur' and 'Flashpoint: Hal Jordan' interact but can also be enjoyed separately. These two are destined to meet and when they do, they'll leave a lasting impact on each others' lives."

The crew or writers wrapped the tease by answering the question, "Can you sum up the series you are working on in five words-or less?" This is how they responded:

Tony Bedard (Writer, "Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman"): "Will Aquaman drown the world?"

Peter Milligan: "Shade summons Secret Seven, disastrously."

Jeff Lemire (Writer, "Flashpoint: Frankenstein & The Creatures of the Unknown"): "Classic monsters fighting giant robots."

Lowell Francis (Co-writer, "Flashpoint: Project Superman"): "Laboratory superheroes and uncontrolled variables."

Mike Carlin (Writer, "Flashpoint: The Canterbury Cricket"): "Demons and Amazons and Crickets!"

Scott Kolins (Writer/Artist, "Flashpoint: Citizen Cold"): "Cold love and burning hate!"

Dan Abnett (Writer, "Flashpoint: Wonder Woman & The Furies"): "Peppermint aardvark plethora corduroy- no, it appears I can't."

Pornsak Pichetshote (Writer, "Flashpoint: Green Arrow Industries"): "Big business always = bad guy?"

Javi Fernandez (Artist, "Flashpoint: The Outsider"): "Amazing."

Jimmy Palmiotti (Writer, "Flashpoint: Deathstroke & The Curse of the Ravager"): "A celebration of wrong."

J.T. Krul (Writer, "Flashpoint: Deadman & The Flying Graysons"): "Abandonment; despair - and Ruthless Amazons!"

Sean Ryan (Writer, "Flashpoint: Grodd of War"): "Grodd suffers from extreme Anhedonia."

Dan Jurgens: "For 'Booster Gold' it'd be... Intrigue. Challenging. Chaos. Doom. Death."

For more, check out The Source, and stay tuned to CBR for more on "Flashpoint."

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