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Barry Allen's addiction to tampering with the timeline is getting out of control. The first time he traveled through time he saved the day but also erased his first kiss with Iris, while the consequences of his last and most dangerous time-traveling adventure are still outstanding. After defeating Zoom and kissing Iris for the first time (again), Barry went back to the night of his mother’s death (again) and stopped Reverse-Flash from killing her. Season three kicked off with the "Flashpoint Paradox" -- a reality in which both of Barry’s parents are alive, but his entire history with Team Flash and Iris has been erased, including Barry and Iris’ first kiss. Again.

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Upon returning to the original timeline, Barry found that things weren't exactly the same as he had left them. Time proved to be a dangerous mistress and Barry’s meddling has had some pretty dire consequences. Barry’s time-traveling escapades became a non-depletable resource for clever fans who used screencaps and lines from the show to create heaps of hilarious memes. The Flash may have a knack for messing up the timeline, but his fans have a knack for messing with him. If you need something to brighten up your day, check out these 15 time-altering Flash memes.


The Flash Barry Allen Ray Palmer The Atom Superman

After Flashpoint, Barry returns home to a slightly different reality than the one he remembers. He soon finds out that he has a partner who hates his guts and that his best friend Cisco blames him for not changing the past so that his brother Dante can still be alive. Cisco asked for Barry’s help, but Barry refused to alter the timeline. As much as it pains us to say it, given Barry’s reputation he’d probably do more harm than good, so this is probably for the best.

So far, Ray Palmer hasn’t asked Barry for help with anything, but if he ever does here’s how it may end up. We don’t know what poor Ray needed help with, but we sincerely doubt he wanted to go back to being Superman, not after his planned franchise was canceled.


The Flash The Big Bang Theory

Back in season one, the guys from The Big Bang Theory decided to attend a Halloween party dressed as the Justice League. Unfortunately, they failed to coordinate their costumes, which resulted in all four of them arriving as the Flash. We all had a good laugh about it and Sheldon and the guys reluctantly went on to change their costumes.

However, if they had kept their costumes and remained as four Flashes they could have all been Barry Allen on the night Eobard Thawne killed his mother. So far, Barry has visited this traumatic past event four times, at least that’s what the available data suggests. In a way, the creators of The Big Bang Theory unwittingly foreshadowed the night Nora Allen was murdered on The Flash.


The Flash Barry Allen Iris West

Don’t you just hate it when you’re in the middle of something important and an unaffected timeline walks by like nobody’s business. Escaping the magnetic attraction of unaffected timelines is especially challenging for Barry Allen, who has no qualms about abandoning whatever he’s doing to go screw up the timeline.

You would think that after all the trouble he went through to finally be with the love of his life, he would cherish the time they spend together. But, apparently, Iris is not the first thing on Barry Allen’s mind. It is important to set your priorities straight and Barry seems to have his in line. No wonder his chemistry with Iris is so poor, he’s too in love with the prospect of destroying timelines.

12 Rip Hunter Is Not Happy

The Flash Rip Hunter

Ever since Rip Hunter gathered his team of misfits he’s been going on and on about preserving the timeline, leaving history intact, staying away from your past self and so on. Despite being accompanied by some very questionable allies, we’re looking at you Captain Cold and Heat Wave, Captain Rip Hunter somehow managed to finish off the season without destroying time.

Sadly, however, Barry did not. We can only imagine what Rip’s reaction would be if he were to find out about Barry’s constant meddling with the timeline. Hopefully, one day he’ll visit The Flash and give Barry a piece of his mind. But until that happens, we’ll have to make do with this hilarious meme which more or less sums up Rip’s thoughts on Barry’s excessive time traveling.



Barry's constant reality-altering activities always seem to have a negative effect on reality, as it's impossible for him to think that any change, no matter how small it may be, will lead to a perfect outcome. Although going back to save his mother from death seems like a truly noble and heroic thing to do, there are consequences. But let's not focus on the negative here because thanks to this meme, fans of the possible shipping of Barry and longtime friend Oliver gets the ultimate outcome.

In this hilarious meme, Barry has shaken up the past so much that he's changed the fate of his relationship with Oliver Queen to the point that he's walking down the aisle with him. This is actually something we would be pretty down to see, so maybe we don't mind Barry's messing around this time around.


The Flash Barry Allen Prometheus Adrian Chase

Last season on Arrow, Prometheus captured Oliver Queen and essentially broke him. Using his mind games, Adrian Chase made Oliver admit that the reason he kills is not because he needs to but because he wants and likes to.

This re-imagining of the scene shows us how things would go down if Prometheus was a Flash villain and decided to break Barry. Just like Oliver’s killing spree from season one, Barry’s time traveling and interfering with the timeline has had serious consequences. Too bad Prometheus can’t pay Barry a visit and make him own up to his mistakes. After all, acceptance is the first step towards recovery. Be strong Barry. If Oliver can stop killing, surely you can leave a timeline or two undamaged.


The Flash Chris Evans Brandon Routh Ben Affleck Ryan Reynolds

The time traveling exploits of Barry Allen seem to have no end in sight. Every time Barry goes back in time he manages to make a complete mess. Turning Diggle’s daughter Sara into a son named John Jr. and Caitlin into Killer Frost are just some of the side effects of Barry’s constant tampering with the timeline.

This hilarious meme takes advantage of the fact that Chris Evans, Brandon Routh, Ben Affleck and Ryan Reynolds all portrayed different comic book characters, implying that the one responsible for the mess is none other than the Scarlet Speedster. If this ever gets to Greg Berlanti we hope he decides to give us at least one episode in which Oliver Queen is The Flash, Sara Lance is Green Arrow and Barry Allen is Killer Frost. Just for the hell of it.


The Flash Arrow Felicity Smoak

Each new season introduces new costumes. Green Arrow’s season four costume update featured a sleeveless torso armor, much to the delight of Felicity as well as a good part of Arrow’s viewership. However, for whatever reason, they decided to go with the long-sleeve suit for season five. Some blamed the Vancouver weather, while others were under the impression that Barry had a part in this.

Arrow’s season five was affected by the Flashpoint and anything different and out of the ordinary that took place after Barry’s little time-traveling adventure immediately became Barry's fault. But dammit Barry, you went too far. We get that you were intimidated by Ollie’s biceps, especially after that comment Iris made, however, you really shouldn’t have denied all of us the occasional glance.


The Flash Arrow Supergirl Legends of Tomorrow Civil War

Apart from Barry’s parents being alive and well, the brave new world of Flashpoint featured some pretty big changes. Joe West was a drunk, Cisco Ramon was a tech billionaire and Caitlin Snow a pediatric eye doctor. But odd as it may have been, it doesn’t come even remotely close to crossing over into the Marvel Universe.

This is what would’ve happened if Barry ran his way into Marvel’s Civil War and brought the entire Arrowverse along for the ride. Spidey’s unexpected appearance may have taken Team Cap by surprise, but imagine what everyone’s reaction would have been if the Flash and his entourage popped up in the midst of battle. And what side do you think Barry and the others would take? Our guess is Barry would be Team Cap and Oliver would be Team Iron Man.


The Flash Arrow Supergirl Legends of Tomorrow

Looking after your friends is an important and demanding task. If they don’t want to listen to the voice of reason, sometimes the only way to make them is by holding an intervention. The 2005 hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother popularized the concept of interventions, having a total of 13 interventions during its nine-year run.

So far, the Arrowverse has had a number of interventions, albeit without the banner and more low-key. But, the most memorable one, and the one that included the largest group of people, was Barry’s time traveling intervention, cleverly disguised as the 2016 crossover event. The true reason for the groups' gathering was covered up with some alien invasion hogwash, but we saw right through that and so did Barry.


The Flash Barry Allen

Our ideals about love and relationships are usually based on what we see in movies and TV shows, or what we read in books. No matter how unrealistic these expectations may be, all of us long for that special someone to make googly eyes at.

Fans of The Flash are inspired by the show’s true OTP, Barry Allen and a messed-up timeline. Barry has encouraged us all to dream of finding that one person who will look at us the way Barry looks at all the timelines he’s wrecked. Just by looking at his adorable puppy eyes, it is clear that Barry’s addiction to time travel has led him to his soulmate. And we don’t mean Iris. So, run, Barry, run. Screw up another timeline, because who are we stand in the way of true love.

4 Barry Allen The Gamer

The Flash Supergirl

Last year’s photo shoot of the cast playing video games in costume prompted the Internet to come up with some pretty hilarious memes. Since Kara and Barry’s nerdiness is a proven fact, it's not all that difficult to imagine these two engaging in an all-out video game war.

And since losing in video games, especially to your friends, is about the worst thing that can happen, Barry Allen found a way around it. It’s quite simple actually, you can’t lose if you keep reversing the timeline until you win. Given that this strategy seemed to work just fine on Iris, there’s no reason it shouldn’t work on video games. Now, imagine if Barry was a streamer. He could be all like "zero deaths," and we’d be none the wiser.


The Flash Timeline

Seldom are these before and after images credible, but this one stands out. We all look fondly onto the simpler times, back when Flash was still in its first season and Barry hadn’t started fixing everything by going back in time and ultimately achieving the complete opposite. Back then the timeline was but a straight line.

However, as soon as Barry got the hang of his new powers he ushered in the era of time traveling exploits and inevitable calamities. What once was but a straight simple line turned into a complex intertwined mess. If you ever tried explaining The Flash’s timeline to a friend you know how complicated it can get. Next time, instead of struggling with drawing your own schemes, here’s one you can use and it sums everything up pretty nicely.


The Flash Distracted Speedster

Thousands of memes were created using this stock photo by a Spanish photographer who until recently didn’t even know what a meme was. "The Distracted Boyfriend" swiftly became one of the hottest memes of the year and if you spend a lot of time on the Internet, like most of us do, you’ve probably seen it in use quite often.

In this iteration, Barry Allen is checking out the seductive notion of changing yet another timeline while literally every character in the entire Arrowverse looks at him disapprovingly. A clear reference to the fact that no matter how many times everyone tells Barry not to mess with the timeline, he goes ahead and does it anyway -- this meme is pure gold. And you, Mr. Allen, for shame.


The Flash Friendzone

Cisco may have a permanent seat in the friendzone, but his best pal Barry knows how to escape every guy’s worst nightmare. After realizing he’s never getting out of the friendzone the conventional way, Barry did the one thing he’s good at -- changed the timeline. He ran, and ran, and ran until he finally broke away from the shackles of the friendzone. Granted, it did take Barry a couple of tries to finally land the girl of his dreams, but at least he got her. Whoever said hard work doesn’t pay off?

Still, what makes this classic Flash meme even cooler is the fact that it is being held up by a Flash cosplayer who bears an uncanny resemblance to Grant Gustin. For a moment there, we actually thought it was Grant.

Do you have any dank time travel Flash memes? Let us know in the comments! 

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