“Flash” Writer Van Jensen Announces Departure

Another creative team shake-up is on the way for a prominent DC ongoing series. Writer Van Jensen has announced via Twitter that he is concluding work on “The Flash,” a book he has co-written for almost two years. Jensen has co-written the series with writer Robert Venditti since 2014’s “Flash” #30. It’s not yet known whether or not Venditti will remain with the title.

Jensen then mentioned his upcoming work, which includes a collaboration with Pete Woods for Dark Horse Comics called “The Cryptocracy” and an unannounced comic with artist Dusty Higgins for new digital publisher StÄ“la .

Jensen’s departure arrives after similar announcements from other high-profile DC writers; writer Greg Pak’s “Action Comics” run concludes with issue #50 and it’s rumored the Scott Snyder will move from “Batman” to “Detective Comics.” While DC has yet to reveal what “Rebirth” is all about, rumors circulated a week ago posit that many ongoing series will be relaunched after hitting issue #52. It’s possible that Jensen’s run will end with #52, as issue #51 is the furthest DC has solicited as of now and he is still the co-writer of the series.