The Flash: Why Nora West-Allen Is Working With Reverse-Flash

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for "Godspeed," the latest episode of The Flash.

"Godspeed," the latest episode of The Flash, finally revealed why Nora West-Allen is working with Reverse-Flash.

As shown in the series' 100th episode, Nora has been working with Eobard Thawne since she arrived in The Flash's present-day timeline. However, her motivation for this has remained a mystery -- until now. As it turns out, the reason she went to Thawne has everything to do with Godspeed and her mother Iris' decision to keep her powers a secret.

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Nora didn't become aware of her powers until she stumbled into Godspeed's path. When she got in his way, he hurled Speed Force lightning at her, which fried the power-dampening chip in her shoulder and unleashed her speedster powers. Like her father Barry, she hoped to use her powers for good and stop Godspeed before he could hurt anyone else.

However, Nora was having trouble adjusting to her newfound abilities -- so much so that she knew she needed help. "I think we both know that CCPD isn't equipped to stop this guy," she explained. "The only way we're going to catch him before anyone else gets hurt is if I start thinking like a villainous speedster... I'm going to go see one."

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With that, she took a trip to Iron Heights to pay Reverse-Flash a visit. He took interest in her when she said her name, but had no intention of helping her stop Godspeed. Defeated, Nora went back to Lia to relay what had happened. There, she learned a terrible truth about the chip found in her shoulder.

"You know this metal fragment they found underneath your shoulder?" Lia asked. "I did some digging. It turns out it's not from that shelf you got thrown into. It's tech. A chip made by STAR Labs 25 years ago... It's to dampen your speed. You didn't get your powers when Godspeed hit you with his lightning. It looks like you always had them."

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Nora quickly put two-and-two together, realizing that her mother had been behind it. "You lied to me my whole life," she spat at Iris. "Everyone I love has been keeping this from me?" Though Iris explained that she was trying to protect Nora, Nora wasn't having it; she sped off to continue her quest to stop Godspeed by confronting Reverse-Flash once more.

When Nora revealed the personal nature of her mission -- to stop Godspeed because he had killed Lia -- Thawne changed his mind and decided to help. He walked her through her abilities, just like he did for Barry in Season 1, and successfully helped her capture Godspeed. In doing so, he won Nora's complete trust when she felt she had no one to turn to and then gave her even more reason to believe in him by pointing her to the Time Vault, where she learned her father was the Flash. Thawne then helped her travel back in time to meet Barry.

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Though Nora revealed the whole truth of her partnership with Thawne, Barry was done. He couldn't reconcile her decision to keep working with Thawne after she learned that he killed her grandmother. "I can't trust you, Nora. I can't have anybody here that I don't trust anymore," Barry said, then dragged her back to her time period and left her there.

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