Will Flash War End With Wally West Admitted To Sanctuary?

Since the return of Wally West in DC Universe Rebirth #1, the old history of the DC Universe has been slowly coming back into continuity. Everything that happened before Flashpoint still happened, but thanks to the machinations of Doctor Manhattan, people forgot about loved ones, shared histories were demolished and the bonds between the heroes of the DC Universe were eroded.

In recent issues of The Flash, as part of the “Flash War” story, Wally West has remembered that he was a father to twins in the DCU's previous timeline, and though those kids no longer exist, he’ll do anything to get them back. However, if he’s unable to save his children, you have to wonder what happens to a man that remembers a life he can’t get back, and how does he go on from there?

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Family Ties

It was a bit strange that when Wally returned, he remembered his marriage to Linda Park and almost every aspect of his history, but made no mention of their children Jai and Irey. Now, two years later, we know that it was all building to this, and thanks to his friend-turned-enemy-turned possible friend again Hunter Zolomon, Wally has a chance to get his kids back but he needs to destroy the Speed Force to do it. Just like when Barry Allen raced back in time to save his mother and accidentally created the Flashpoint timeline, Wally risks everything to save his children -- but can you really blame him considering the flood of information and memories he’s only just received?

While the story of “Flash War” is centered around the missing children -- and possibly other missing speedsters such as Max Mercury, Jesse Quick and Bart Allen -- it’s also a story about Barry Allen vs Wally West, and whoever is faster will come out on top. So what happens if Barry is faster, and what happens if Wally West can’t save his family? That’s the sort of traumatising event that would likely lead to a superhero winding up in the super-crisis center known as Sanctuary.

Seeking Sanctuary

The concept of Sanctuary has been teased a number of times in DC Comics, and it was recently announced that Tom King and Clay Mann will be exploring the concept fully in the upcoming seven-issue miniseries Heroes In Crisis. After discovering that she wasn’t responsible for the deaths of a number of mobsters during her youth, Batman had Poison Ivy sent to Sanctuary to seek help and following a traumatic trip back in time in which he witnessed his own death, Booster Gold seems to be heading there too.

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Based on real facilities which help veterans with PTSD and other mental health issues which come from time served in military and intelligence positions, Sanctuary and Heroes In Crisis pulls from Tom King’s past as an intelligence officer for the CIA. The solicits for Heroes In Crisis tease a murder-mystery that leads to the deaths of many of Sanctuary’s patients, with Booster Gold and Harley Quinn the main suspects, but will Wally West play a role too? Tom King recently stated on Twitter that “Flash War” will have major consequences in titles he’s currently writing, does that include Heroes In Crisis? Wally West is on the cover, but then again so is mostly everyone prominent in the DC Universe.

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