Flash War Will Have 'HUGE Repercussions' for the Entire DC Universe

It looks like the upcoming battle between Barry Allen and Wally West will turn out to be more than just a mere flash in the pan.

First announced at last year's NYCC, longtime Flash writer Joshua Williamson teams with legendary DC artist Howard Porter for the much-hyped Flash War which will run through The Flash from issues #47 to #50. The story arc will pit Barry Allen against his former protege Wally West in a grudge match for the mantle of the Scarlet Speedster, but Batman writer Tom King hints that the consequences of this supersonic feud will not be limited to the Fastest Men Alive.

"I've read the first issue (and I've been hearing Josh talk about this and plan for this for years). Flash War is not to be missed," tweeted King in regards to the story. "(Also, SUPER SECRET, what happens here will have HUGE repercussions for the DCU. I know cause I'm writing those repercussions. Shhhh.)"

Further supporting King's claim were images teasing the coming Flash War at the end of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's recently concluded DC crossover event Dark Nights: Metal and a cover tweeted today by Williamson for The Flash #49 showing the entire Justice League attempting to stop Barry Allen in the third part of the arc.

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Williamson, who has been writing The Flash since the beginning of DC Rebirth in 2016, first teased the upcoming conflict between the Flashes in this past January's The Flash Annual #1 with art by Christian Duce. The annual showed fissures begin to form as the original Kid Flash became enraged at his former mentor for allowing his aunt Iris West to kill Eobard Thawne and become a wanted woman in the far-future when the Reverse-Flash threatened both their lives.

While the tension between the two speedsters simmered down, the arrival of Hunter Zolomon, Wally's own Reverse-Flash, coupled with the sudden return of all of Wally's pre-Rebirth memories appears to have put the two superheroes on a collision course once again.

Flash War officially kicks off in The Flash #47 written by Joshua Williamson with art by Howard Porter out on May 23. A prelude leading into the event takes place in The Flash #46 out on May 9 also written by Williamson with art by Scott Kolins who co-created Hunter Zolomon with Geoff Johns in 2001.

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